Bats Off To Larry/The Last Round Up

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Station house. Fancy is explaining to a bunch of irate-looking detectives just what went down, i.e., that Denby got arrested with drugs on him. The other detectives don't believe him. Medavoy and Baldwin haul Denby in. One of the detectives -- may I call them "dicks"? Cause they are. One of the dicks says, "Empty your pockets on the P.A.A.'s table." Denby, clever to the end, says, "For that I'll need the use of my hands." Ass. He unloads his pockets and is relieved of his gun. One of the dicks yells, "I want to know where Sorenson is!" Just then, Ricky walks in...with Don. Whew. Don gets shoved onto the bench and Ricky goes to use Fancy's phone.

The phone rings in Kirky's house. She rushes to answer, and is visibly relieved. Kyle squirms a little on the couch. Kirky says Frank's okay, and Di says Don's alive. Kirky, quick like a bunny says, "Not to me." I've heard that song before. It goes like, "Oh, Don's a rat but I looove him anywaaaay! I can't stay away, no no no!" Di hunkers down with her tough-thing-to-say-face on and says, "Jill, I'm a drunk. And the first thing I have to know is I'm not cured." And Kirky is addicted to Don, eww. Di gets out Bobby's ring and gives it to Kirky. "I want you to have this and when that prick reaches out from prison I want you to hold it and remember. Now go get Frank." Kirky, blubbering, rushes out. Di exhales.

Theo's in bed, all pale and wan. More pale than wan. What does "wan" mean, anyway? You never see it alone; it's always next to "pale." Anyways, Sip comes in, sniffing but not teary. He's in his blue pajamas. He turns off the lamp next to the bed and says, "As long as I have you, for as long as I have you." I start to get teary-eyed. Then, Theo says, "I do still like green eggs and ham." Sip says, "Thank you. Thank you, Samiam." Sip turns the other lamp out ad gets into bed next to Theo and I feel a lump in my throat so sharp in makes my mouth turn down. Waah! And not just that the season is over.

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