Bats Off To Larry/The Last Round Up

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A crime scene, a dead man. It looks bloody. As the paramedics exit, Medavoy and Baldwin come in and get the skinny from the uniform: "Home invasion. The girl answered the door and the guy pushed his way in. And dad and brother came in and..." The dad interrupts with, "We come home, he's got her on the floor, he was gonna rape her. We were just in time." Then he looks away. Hmmm. Baldwin asks the girl what happened. The dad tries to speak again but Baldwin says with the perfect amount of gritty New York attitude, "I'm asking HER." With her head so low it's practically on her lap, she whisper-mumbles, "He knocked and asked who was home, pushes his way in and throws me on the floor." Baldwin and Medavoy peep a baseball bat sitting right next to the door. The dad blusters, "The guy come at her with a knife!" Baldwin asks them to all come down to the station house. The dad starts freaking out. "He came in here! Are we gonna have a problem over this?" Baldwin says, "Not if you come down to the station house." The dad, brother and daughter all reluctantly stand up one by one.

Station house coffee room. Ricky and Di do a round of "how's it going." Di asks where Andy is and Ricky spills the beans about Theo being sick and having tests done. "That's mildly worrisome," he says. Dude, did you hear the sad music? Kirky comes in and adds her two cents about how doctors are now "very aggressive" and they probably just want to give him an antibiotic. Yeah, right. You know how gritty this show is. Theo's not getting off that easy. Kirky leaves and Di sighs to Ricky, "Something terrible is going to happen." That's the spirit! Di tells Ricky about seeing Don and Denby and coke and that "Don has to be dealing for Denby. What are we gonna do about Jill?" Ricky asks, "You don't think she knows?" Di thinks not. Oh nooo.

Sip carries Theo into a hospital waiting room. Don't worry, he's okay, it's just a dad thing. The nurse on duty chirps, "Hi, Mr. Sipowicz! I'm Mimi, I was your on-floor nurse after your prostrate operation!" Sip blinks a few times and says, "Oh yeah, sure." What's next, an orderly rolling up and snapping his fingers before saying, "Hey, didn't your other son get shot and killed a while ago? I think I cleaned his corpse up for ya. Seemed like a good kid." The doctor comes over and says hi, Katie comes up to them just after and she and Mimi lead Theo off to a play area with other kids, who are all suspiciously bald, saying, "Let's see what they got." Theo takes a look around and says, "They got bald kids." Hee! Mimi offers Theo a "special ice pop" that are only "for the kids in this room" and Theo refuses. Katie takes him over to look at the fish tank.

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