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The doctor walks over with Sip, who blinks like that almighty blinking machine he is at the sight of the bald kids. He probably doesn't have any slurs for 'em. How about asking them where they're from, Chromedometon? Ask them if they like to play baldminton. You could always preen in the reflection you get in their shiny little heads. Or maybe one of their dads is Mr. Clean! I got a million of 'em. The doctor says that Theo's hemoglobin is low and his red blood cell count isn't good. They need to do a bone marrow study. Sip's face collapses and he says predictably, "Oh God." The doctor says they're going to take the marrow from his hip with a needle. Sip says, "No. He can't take any more shots." The doctor isn't having that and says, "We have to help him -- and your son is going to take his emotional cues from you." So chill.

Katie and Theo are checking out the fish tank. Theo's naming them Donald Duck #2, and Tigger #2, after the fish he has at home. Katie asks, "How about this one?" Theo looks around and says, "Bald Kid." Bwa ha ha! Someone give that kid an Emmy. Katie leads him away from the tank and Theo says to a bald kid, "I named the fishes after you." The bald kid beams. Awww!

Station house. Medavoy, Baldwin, and the family-that-killed-the-rapist come in. Baldwin tells the men to stay put on the bench by John's desk and that he'll interview the daughter in the coffee room. The dad sputters in protest. What? Baldwin laughs in his face and says, "That's not how we do it." Medavoy agrees, saying, "And we've been doing this a long time." Yeah! The dad asks, "Could she bring coffee to us?" Oh, macho types. Love it. Baldwin says no, but asks if they both want coffee; he'll bring it out. The son squirms and asks for a cola. After Baldwin and Medavoy walk away the dad hisses, "When did you start drinking soda?" Aah, the soda tip-off. They're guilty.

Medavoy's explaining to Fancy about how the dad and son smashed the guy's head with baseball bats. Fancy suggests a rape kit, but Medavoy explains the family is saying the daughter was almost raped. Close, but no cigar. Fancy asks if the daughter confirms the story and Medavoy says, "Oh yes."

Baldwin and Medavoy work out the interview technique. Girl first? Check. Um, how about Jill. No, she's on the phone, with someone. Ahem. They decide to ask Diane. But...

They interview the girl themselves. "I told you what happened." Tell us again, they say. "It don't ring right to us," says Medavoy. Did she know him? No. Ever meet him before? No. Did he try to rape you? Yes. She shows Baldwin some nasty bruises on her wrists. "Okay?" Baldwin asks if these bruises are from today. Yes. Really? They look older. "What do you want from me. Why do you try to beat me down. Don't say he didn't rape me cause he did." Whoops. Medavoy asks, "He had?" She says. "Four days ago. Four days ago. All right!" Damn.

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