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Ricky obsessively arranges his meager collection of office supplies (the stapler has to be just right) and then rolls his chair over to Di. He says, "Don's alive -- so what. Denby -- so what if we're not worried about Jill. Worried you got to tell her, worried she already knows." Di says, "I am not giving her to the job! Making it her fault this prick came back into her life!" Ricky says quietly, "Don has to disappear. Denby has to get collared, Jill's out of it. Don has to disappear."

Fancy says to Medavoy about the rape/home invasion case, "Something about this story's wrong." Duh! Didn't you hear the son ask for cola?

Back at the station house, Baldwin's interviewing the dad. Apparently there was a car speeding away from the scene right after the application of the baseball bat to the dead guy's head. The dad says, "No second guy," and looks away. They ask the daughter -- Anita is her name. No second guy, she says.

Medavoy, sitting on the desk by John's desk, asks the brother about Anita's bruises. "I'm not her warden. What my sister got and when she got it? I don't run that tab." Nice. The walkie-talkie sputters. John gets it. It's Sip. "I want to talk to Ricky," he says. John runs right over with the walkie-talkie. Sip's voice sounds weak. "He's sick. He's not making his red blood cells." Ricky reminds him that they're on an open channel. "I got no strength in my legs. I'm sitting here like a baby." Ricky says he'll be right there. Just as he slams the walkie-talkie back in its place, a voice squawks over saying, "15th Squad! No unauthorized transmissions on this channel!" John makes the 10-4.

Ricky runs out of the station house and finds Sip sitting in a car out front, crying. "I'm losing my composure. I'm no good to him right now. I've got no strength in my legs." Ricky, sweating, says, "So we sit here." Sip cries some more. "Who knows what's wrong with the baby? And Diane and Jill...who knows what's gonna happen?" Ricky says, "We're sitting right here." Sip, totally losing it, says, "I don't know what I'm gonna do." Ricky asks him to lean on him now. They hug. "We're gonna make it Andy. One step at a time."

Baldwin and Medavoy haul in the guy that was speeding away from the home invasion/attempted rape/baseball bat murder scene, or, the Second Guy. They both take off their jackets and roll up their sleeves. It's not until Baldwin takes his watch off that the guy offers to cooperate. I like suggested police brutality better than real police brutality, for sure.

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