Bats Off To Larry/The Last Round Up

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Di asks John to keep Anita company for a few -- she and Kirky need to use the coffee room. Dum da dum dum DUM!

Coffee room. Kirky looks suspicious. Di tells her she saw Don. Kirky looks away. Di says, "I can't even believe that's possible. Can you?" Kirky, all attitudinal, says, "And what if it was? You told me he was dead four months ago, and I made him dead to me." Di looks scared and says, "That's good, that attitude. He could only ruin your life again." Kirky looks away and says, "Uh huh." Di starts babbling at top speed about how Denby showed her the burnt body in the dumpster with no head or hands, making it untraceable, and then about Denby having Bobby's ring. Kirky says bitterly, "Sorry, Diane." Di, flabbergasted, says, "There's nothing to be sorry about! That's not why I'm telling you!" Kirky says, "So why are you telling me." Di freaks out and says, "This is horrible! All of it!" Kirky says grimly, "It is what it is -- what are you gonna do. You're gonna give Denby to the job?" Di says hopefully, "Screw 'em, right?" Kirky gets mad and says, "What about my kids reading it in the paper. I didn't make their father evil." Di says it's just a matter of time. Kirky snaps, "Don't play God! Maybe Don will get away -- so the kids don't have to find out." Di, one step away from a nervous breakdown, says, "Okay, okay," and nods jerkily until Kirky leaves. Then she cries.

Medavoy and Baldwin are listening to the Second Guy's story of how the home-invasion/non-rape went down. "We partied, smoked reefer." Woo! "He said this girl he laid four days before gave him her number and said she would lay him again, she'll be down automatically. He called, she buzzed us up. They smashed his head in. Whap, whap!" I swear he said whap whap. "God. I ran for my van, drove fast away. They yelled, rape her NOW."

Di emerges from the locker room, upset. She goes over to Ricky and says, "She knows. She lied, but she already knows." Ricky wipes his face.

The dad is yelling to Baldwin and Medavoy. "It's her job to answer the phone and serve the damn food! She gave him her phone number to get him off her! I was never listed in twenty-three years!" Oh yeah, looove these macho types. "See what a jury says!" Medavoy says, "I think they'll believe Anita. She said you asked her to call him and that you were waiting." The dad screams, "She wouldn't say it even if it were true!"

The brother is silent. Then, "I have to go to the dentist." I think they allow that in jail.

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