Bats Off To Larry/The Last Round Up

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Baldwin and Medavoy come out and ask Di to talk to Anita. They're gonna put her up in a hotel room so she doesn't have to go back to the crime scene/apartment. She goes over and tells Kirky, who's like, "Okay," until Di says, "Wanna help?" Oh yeah, working at work. I forget to do that sometimes too. They go in and are both super-nice to poor Anita. I can't help but notice that Di's Playtex (I'm guessing) bra is giving her quadra-boob. You know, when your bra cuts into your boob so that it bulges out over where it's supposed to be crossing your heart or whatever? It's one of the many annoying things about being a woman. Another would be, oh, say, having a brother and father who expect you to be their slave and literally kill any expression of your sexuality you might choose to have. Anyways, Anita looks shell-shocked. She says, "When they hit him the blood went on me. I'm not even wearing the real dress I had on. What are you gonna do with them?" Kirky says, "They're gonna have to go in the system." Anita says thank you, and cries.

Sip's house. Katie comes in smiling. Sip asks what Theo's up to and she says, "Giving his lovvies jobs when he's gone." Sip crabs, "Stuffed animals. I asked you not to call them lovvies." Hee hee. Lovvies lovvies lovvies. Then, Sip realized what a colossal ass he's being and cringes. He says, "They said to be there at nine, so we should leave at eight-forty? You're coming with. You get along well with him." Katie says, "You get along well with him too, when you aren't afraid. He wants you to read him Green Eggs and Ham." Sip starts freaking out again and says, "Oh god, what if I lose my composure?" Katie says, "Come on, I'll sit with you boys before I go."

Sip walks wearily into the living room, post-Green Eggs and Ham. He has his PJs on. He sits down heavily in his armchair and turns to see Andy Junior sitting next to him. Andy Junior asks, "The baby's sick?" Sip says sadly, "Oh, God, son." Andy Junior says, "Some ways or another, he's gonna be healthy. I had a hole in my neck the size of a fist!" Sip sees his point, agreeing, "But you're up and around." Andy Junior gets a little peeved and asks, "What am I, a ghost to you?" To him and everyone else, buddy. Sip gets pissed and says, "I cannot live with pain for him, or death, and you are pretty cocky with your know-it-all attitude and tone. While that kid lies in bed for a needle to suck marrow out of his hip." Andy Junior recants and says, "Should we go talk to him?" Sip yells, "Don't press me!" "Pop!" "Don't kidnap or extort! Don't issue orders!" Andy looks away and says he has to go. "Have I got your assurances, Andy?" Andy still looks away. We can see the gaping wound in his neck. Then he says, "Just be with him. Don't be afraid." Sip asks quickly, "Is he okay, Andy?" Andy breaks into a smile and says, "Honest to God? Don't worry about a thing."

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