Bats Off To Larry/The Last Round Up

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Theo and Sip sleep together in the same bed. Sip moves a little. He's dreaming.

Sad music plays. We're at the hospital. Sip is reading Green Eggs and Ham to Theo, who's lying in bed. "I do not pack them in my sack, or take them out for a midnight snack." Katie says, "You're making it up!" She pats Theo. Rick comes in. "How ya doing, Theo?" "I'm waiting for my tests," the adorable one says. I wonder if Ricky ever talks about his child acting days with Theo. "You know, when I was a kid, they didn't have laws like they do today. None of this twin shit. I made The Champ all by myself!" Anyways, Ricky wishes Theo good luck on his test and they sweetly "God bless" each other and then Ricky says he has to go to work but doesn't move. Theo says, "You better hurry, the elevator's open," and that's got to have some kind of deeper meaning. Ricky skedaddles and Katie smiles and smoothes Theo's hair. Sip asks what's up, and she says, "He makes me see Andy Junior."

Station house. Di's rocking a red tank top. Tank top, woo! It's a nice way to end the season. Fancy comes charging in and Di reluctantly follows him into his office. He asks if she's heard about Theo and she says Ricky said he would call. Then the real reason for this meeting: "I want to talk to you about your partner's problem." Di, in the biggest duh ever, says, "Jill?" No, your other partner. "Um, it's personal." Fancy continues. "When she's working, she isn't here. I'm taking her off the chart." Di sputters, "Is that really necessary?" "Yes, if her work is unsatisfying and her partner isn't forthcoming." Di stammers, "Why wouldn't I be forthcoming?" Fancy says, "There you go." Di says telling him might not be good. Fancy frowns. Then, "The job knows." Di loses it. "The job knows! What?" Fancy says, "I need you to be forthcoming and you are being neither concealing nor complicit. That's how I'm gonna write up our talk." Kirky comes into the office room as Di asks, "Tell me what the job knows." Fancy just says, "Would you want that? Now you need to get out of the way."

Di comes out of Fancy's office as if nothing has gone down. Kirky asks about Theo, Di says she's got her fingers crossed for him.

Ricky comes in, saying Theo is waiting for that hollow needle. Di suggests that Ricky be in the cafeteria to support Sip if he needs it (or rather, when), and then sidles up to him and says the job is sitting on Don and Denby -- and Kirky. Ricky booms, "I tell you, that little guy was looking good, bouncing around. At eleven they do that test." Then, more quietly, "So they're on it." Di says about Fancy, "He's gonna say I was neither concealing nor complicit." Ricky whispers, "So you have to get out of the way." Baldwin comes in. Everyone says, "How's it going."

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