Brothers Under Arms

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Brothers Under Arms

Jason may love his mom but he isn't too happy to see her. He starts yelling, and his mom, thank goodness, starts making even more sense by saying. "Quit acting like you're in charge, 'cause you're not! Tell them who has your gun." Jason doesn't trust the cops. No one is surprised at this. He wants to be sure that if the other guy lies, he won't get prosecuted. Sip promises that he won't. The guy that Justin lent his gun to is named Trey, and lives on Ludlow Street, over the shoe repair shop. Who wants to bet that Trey is yet another black man?

After the ads, we land back at the station house where Denby sits massaging his head. Maybe he's hung over! Hmm. Di comes down the stairs and makes gagging sounds at the sight of him. Denby croaks, "I need some help...I can't remember what happened last night." Di shoots, "You were an asshole." Denby has no argument for this, and lamely asks, "Did you come back to the motel with me?" Di lets out a snort that reads as "you WISH I did," and Denby mumbles, "He's in the wind. Your partner's ex-husband is in the wind. I woke up at 5 AM and he was gone." That fucker! Both of them, I mean -- Denby and Don! Denby guesses that Don will be calling Kirky, and Di snaps, "Is that you locking in on how a prick behaves?" Good one! Then she dismisses him, saying, "I know how to get in touch." Denby squeaks, "For what it's worth, I apologize." Di says, "Nothing is what that's worth." For real!

Di moves into the office where Kirky in on the phone, and in tears. Guess who's calling? No, not a virtual onion. Right! Don! That was fast! Di calls out, Oh Denby, wait, we got Don right here! Just kidding. Kirky's saying, "I'm not going to meet you. You've got me confused with someone else." Di says, "Good for you. You can't get involved." Then the phone rings again, John answers, and starts craning his neck looking at Kirky. Wonder who that is! Di repeats what she said about Kirky's not getting involved, and says that Denby left the door unguarded, allowing Don to escape. Diane's pants burst into flames because she is lying. John comes over and says that the unidentified person who just called is back on the line. Di asks Kirky to get Don to say where he is, but Kirky refuses to take the call and tearfully says, "I can't give him up." WHY NOT!? Just two episodes ago Don was going to end your career, Kirky! Now you're PROTECTING him!? Oh man. I hate Don.

Sip and Ricky are -- guess what! -- hauling in another black man to the pokey. The guy -- Trey, I bet --says, "This is MESSED up," and, "Murder! Y'all looking at me for murder?" Sip, who has barely slipped out of Bad Cop mode for this episode, says, "It is our hope that you killed him because it would make our lives simpler." Trey says, "Who said? Jason? You should be asking Robbie Wiggins questions. That's right. Jason's brother Robbie. Robbie had me rent the gun because he knew Jason wouldn't give it to him." Sip and Ricky shoot looks at each other of the "oh, shit" variety. Then Trey cites "some romantic nonsense" as the cause of the crime: "Some Michael was hassling Latasha," Latasha being Robbie's woman. That's probably where Robbie' hiding out. What a tangled web! Ricky pushes a notepad at Trey and says, "Write down where Latasha lives."

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