Brothers Under Arms

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Brothers Under Arms

As Sip and Ricky exit, Sip starts grumbling, "Make that woman a promise, now we're going to put her other son away." Ricky still thinks police work should be done, but Sip keeps blabbering, "What, do you have stone tablets off the mountain so that you can tell me how to do my job?" Ricky protests, "Come on, Andy." Sip keeps complaining: "These are prejudiced people, and I don't want some unfortunate coincidences allow them to hold their prejudices against me!" Oh, boo hoo, Sip! A man is dead, and a mother's life will sustain a crushing blow, if one or possibly both of her sons land in jail! You've got it so hard, what with prejudices and all! Here's a tissue! Then Sip sighs heavily (aww!) and goes to face the Mom.

Now, I don't really blame Sip for being scared of her -- any mom can lift a car off her baby or stop a speeding bullet if she needs to, you know what I mean -- it's just his fear and self-pity that disgusts me. And besides, it's because the Wiggins family is BLACK. Like, right, Sip, BLACK people are the prejudiced ones. NO, they aren't. So anyway, Sip goes into the office and the Mom leaps up like she was shot out of a cannon and says peevishly, "What is going ON? You PROMISED me!" Ricky says with a twinge of regret, "There's been a new complication...it's about your other son." Mom Wiggins ages five years on the spot and says, "Robbie -- no! Robbie's outside of that life! No! No no no! Does it have to do with his girlfriend? That Latasha is no good! She's mixed up with some hood named Michael Baylor." Ricky says Michael is the DOA, and Mom Wiggins sits back down catatonically. Sip says weakly, "We're not looking to hurt your family...you have my word on that." Mom Wiggins snaps, "Your word! Well in that case, I got nothing to worry about." Sip and Ricky slink away with their invisible tails between their legs.

More rainy gritty street scenes. Then, back at the office, the phone is ringing (again), and John is protecting Kirky (again), who like a dope, asks to speak to whoever it is. I think it's Don. Kirky gets on the line and says, "Listen to me. 555-0146. Call that number in forty-five minutes. John shoots her a look as Di comes over and says, "That number sounds familiar. Do you want me to go to my place and talk to Don?" No, Kirky "need[s] to see him." OH MY GOD. Fancy cruises by and shoots them a look, as they are all huddled up together. Di goes and GETS HER KEYS and says, "Tell me what your plan is." Besides being totally stupid? That's as far as Kirky got with her plan. Di, wise up to a point, says, "If he runs, they'll reinstate the charges. He'll be a fugitive. He's got a deal -- he may not even have to testify." Kirky, all weepy, says okay. Di continues, "Jill, don't hurt yourself." TOO LATE FOR THAT! Kirky says she won't and they hug and kiss.

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