Brothers Under Arms

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Brothers Under Arms

Kirky goes up to Fancy and asks for Lost Time. Fancy asks, "Everything all right at home?" Kirky, lying like hell, says yeah and knocks the wood on the door frame. The camera waves down to capture her knocking knuckles perfectly. "Is that okay?" she asks. Fancy looks at her and says yeah. Does he know what's going on? I hope not.

Medavoy enters a little room with bunk beds in it. Martinez is hanging out on the bottom bunk. "Is this where you've been hiding?" and sits down next to him. "Yeah," says Martinez, "what'd I miss?" Medavoy says, "Oh, nothing. Composing your speech for tonight?" Martinez says yeah, and that he's "looking forward to it." Being a sergeant, I think. Then they finally say that they'll miss each other. Martinez says, "I'll miss working with you," and Medavoy says, "Don't get me started, pal. Don't get me started." Then they pat each other and look away. I think these two could take a lesson from Di and Kirky on being demonstrative to friends. Those big lugs.

Sip and Ricky are experts at arresting black men by now. As they haul in Robbie, Mom Wiggins ages another five years. They get him in an interrogation room and Ricky starts, "You're in some jackpot now." Sip adds, "We know you shot Michael Baylor," and Ricky continues, "Your job is putting what happened in the right light." See how they work as a team? Robbie starts, "He took the six-month anniversary ring off my girlfriend's finger. I went there to get it back. Sip jumps in with, "You went there packing. Was it self-defensive?" Robbie, practically sighing after every line, says, "I went there to get the ring back." Sigh. "Then he said he was going to rub the ring on his dick and told me what he used to do when he went out with Latasha." Sigh. So what'd you do then, Robbie? "I went after him." Sigh. "I went after him to kick his ass!" All without drawing the gun! What a kid. "I forgot I had the gun until he shot at me. Then I shot at him back." Sigh sigh. Then he took Michael's gun to give back, because if he had used the rental-gun, he was to throw it away and do a buy-out. Jeez, this stuff is complex! But he threw Michael's gun away and gave the rental back. Ricky and Sip leave to check out the dumpster. Oy, to and fro much?

As they leave, Mom Wiggins jumps up and asks, "What did my son say?" Sip says they're going back to the crime scene and that maybe everything is gong to be all right. When Mom Wiggins opens her mouth again, Sip goes, "Shhh!" Ricky and John look at him, dumbfounded. Mom Wiggins looks shocked too and then says, "Don't shush me. What is going to happen to my boys!" Then Sip shushes her again.

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