Brothers Under Arms

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Brothers Under Arms

Ricky and Sip go down the steps, with Ricky cracking, "You sound like Dr. Evil. Sh." Hee. Knock knock. Who's there? Sh. Sip, way, waay out of the pop-culture loop, says, "Yeah, like that motorcycle lunatic would have any luck of making that woman hear reason." Ha!

Over at Di's place, Kirky is wearing a hole in the carpet until Don comes in. He demands, "Whose place is this? Who's Bobby Simone? Who is he to you?" Oh, I hate Don. Kirky says, "You need to go back to that motel." Don scoffs at this. When she reminds him how she and the boys have been let down by him repeatedly, he says, "well, maybe I'd do better without the holy trinity keeping score." I HATE Don. Then Kirky reminds him that he has a deal and that if he stays on the run he'll be living the life of a skel until they pick him up. Don laughs. What? Does he have a secret bank account or something? No: "If I go back, I'm looking at months in that rat trap until I testify." Well, don't do the crime if you can't do the time, wimp! "Isn't a clean break better?" he asks. Kirky scoffs at this. Don then talks about making a detour to see the guys who set him up. Right! Then he asks, "Did you bring money for me? Sorry, I didn't have time to wrap that question up pretty and buy a card." What a jerk. Kirky says yes! She's got $780! Oh my God! Don gets nice again and says, chucking her under the chin, "Hey, maybe when I land someplace..." Kirky says if he ever calls her again she'll turn him in. Yeah, RIGHT, oh spineless one. Then she starts blaming herself for Don's rotten ways: "Maybe we found each other too young...maybe I put expectations on you that changed you..." Oh, PLEASE. There's a shot of the Shrine to Bobby Di has on the mantle, and Don eyeballs the ring. Don says, "Hey, give the boys my love," kisses Kirky's head, and STEALS BOBBY'S RING! Kirky, all spellbound by Don's stupid kiss, murmurs, "Go away," and he does. Good! I HATE DON.

It's still raining outside. Back in the office, Di takes Kirky over for a coffee and gets her keys back. When she learns that Kirky gave Don money to help him leave town she says, "You could be accessory to felony escape!" Kirky says that if anything happens Di shouldn't say that knew Kirky took her keys. "He wanted to run -- that's what he does. I believe he's gonna be out of my life now." Di says, "I hope that's how it works," and they hug. Di, how about a smack upside Kirky's head? No such luck.

Sip and Ricky come in, John says that Mom Wiggins is using the lavatory, and they run to Fancy's office, free and clear from the disapproving mom. Ricky explains the whole thing about one brother being brought in because his gun was involved in a homicide, and how that brother inadvertently ratted out his little brother, who acted in self-defense and looks like he could get off because the whole family co-operated with the Blue cops. Sip says, "That's what you gotta explain to her. She'll take it better coming from you. She's taken an instant dislike...possible racial component." Oy. Fancy just gets up and strides over to Mom Wiggins and introduces himself. "Arthur Fancy." I love Fancy. Mom Wiggins is understandably in a snit, and says of Sip and Ricky, "Make me wait all this time and don't even have the nerve to tell me themselves...he told me I could trust him. That old bald one." Hee. Fancy explains that her sons will need to be arraigned, but since they all co-operated so well, he doesn't see them doing any jail time. The Mom seems appeased but says, "I can't stand saying goodbye to them." Fancy says he'll say good bye for her. The Mom gets one more shot in: "Tell that old bald one that I hold him accountable," and leaves.

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