Brothers Under Arms

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Brothers Under Arms

As Fancy returns to his office, Sip asks how it went. "Was she combative?" Fancy says, "No, you stupid white man." Just kidding, he just said no. "She accepts we're going to do our best to keep her sons out of jail," Fancy explains. Sip, idiot, says, "I knew you'd have a better rapport with her." He should have listened to his Learning Jive Lingo! Tapes. Sip, still concerned about how HE looks, asks, "Did she make any derogatory references?" Fancy pauses and says, "She said you were old. And bald." Sip says, "Old!" and Ricky says "Bald!?" Hee hee hee!

Medavoy moves through the office, carrying some of Martinez's boxes. Ooh, his back. Fancy reminds Sip and Ricky to get the proper statements from the Wiggins boys. Oh, and everyone meet at Paddy O'Furniture's at 7 PM, okay?

Some gritty, gritty street scenes later, we land at the bar. Everyone laughing and clinking glasses. Sip has a teeny tiny bottle of Pellegrino. Medavoy gets up to clear his system of "teasing and levity." Then he busts on Martinez's fashion sense and mentions that seven years ago, Martinez was wet behind the ears and now he has a wife and child. Martinez was a "great companion," and as the camera falls on the faces of Sip and Di, which both look somber, Medavoy notes that "not many of us get long-term partners." Aww. Get the double meaning there? Then it's "to Sergeant James Martinez!" and everyone cheers and Medavoy and Martinez hug. Martinez's speech is more optimistic. He wants to keep in touch with everyone -- but then he remembers that he even lost touch with his closest high school buddies after graduation. Oops. Martinez concludes, "Thank God for whoever invented this job!" Would that be criminals or Steven Boccho?

Moody, moody music personifies the gritty gritty streets at night, and we land at a yellow-taped crime scene over which Denby is bumbling. Di comes up and is all, "Why did you page me?" Denby calls her "honey," barf, and Di asks if he is drunk. "I WISH I was drunk," cracks Denby. Oy. He introduces her to the other cop there, who's doing "better 'n this guy!" "This guy" is a charred corpse in a dumpster, with hands, feet, and head all cut off to prevent identification. Di storms off and the other detective says, "You're a good influence on him! This is the longest I've seen this guy upright!" Gross. Anyway, Denby feels the guy in the dumpster is Don. Yay! The only thing that doesn't fit is this ring Denby found on him. Di's face turns to stone and she says, "I want that. Give me the ring, Denby!" Denby, all stupid, says, "So you can give it to your partner?" Yeah yeah. Di grabs the ring and flees the crime scene. If that isn't Don in the dumpster, I am going to BUST.

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