Daveless In New York

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Blue is back, now with 75% more ass!

Hospital. Sip whisper-yells until the doctor says he can give Theo his tests, but the doctor wants to know if the results come back positive, will they start the chemotherapy right away, instead of waiting the five days? Katie begs Sip to wait the five days, and Theo murmurs, "No more shots, daddy," but Sip pushes on. He's just so SURE Theo is better. DO IT NOW, he says, "we need to know now." Sip, never one to put off suffering.

A knock on Di's door. It's Ricky. With a pizza. Di actually says, "I didn't order a pizza." It's PORNO, people. They talk about work, how Denby gave up Lauren's name and wants Di to come back tomorrow. Ricky says why doesn't HE go back tomorrow, and Di says she's worried about Jill -- dude, she's reading the news in New Mexico, nothing to worry about -- and boom, the camera waves down to show us Ricky's hand on top of Di's hand. A pause, an awkward moment, Ricky makes a crack about returning the "pizza warmer" -- is that what they're calling it -- and WHAM! They kiss. Like a total girl, Ricky pulls back and says, "DIANE," and she says, "Shhh."

BOOM! We're in the bedroom. They kiss and undress. Then TOTAL RICKY SCHROEDER ASS. He's all up in Diane, halfway in between her legs. They're kissing, now Di's on top, more kissing, they roll over again, there's Di's knee and a bit of Ricky's ass AGAIN, the music is all soft and Twin Peaks-y, Di throws her head back and then the camera waves over to show us a gray, gritty dawn in NYC.

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