Everybody Plays The Mule

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Everybody Plays The Mule

Natasha walks in and looks at Ricky, all quivery. The sad music starts up super-loud. Ricky just walks over to her and she hugs him and cries. The sad music must have tipped her off. John has a really nice reaction shot, in profile. Classy.

Baldwin is getting Boris's confession. He goes through the Miranda step by step. After each right, Baldwin asks if Boris understands, and Boris says "Yes," or "Yeees," or "Yes my friendly friend. And not vonce do the voices come." Baldwin makes Boris mark the report 12:15 PM, so that it matches with Sip and Ricky's report. Boris is totally nuts. Baldwin is bummed.

Baldwin walks back into the squad room and Sip says, "You're thinking Milton Berle at the Texaco Story Theater." Oh BOY, Sip is way out of the pop-culture loop. Baldwin and every viewer under the age of fifty goes, "What?" Sip says, "You're right, I'm not good at reading your mind." Ooh, Sip made a funny! Come here, you big lug! Mmm. Baldwin, still sulking, says he's going for a run. Sip says going running at thirty-five degrees means the building can hold more than one head case at a time. Zing! Forgive me for not actually slapping my knee! Then Sip mentions he noticed Baldwin might feel bad about....Baldwin says, "Lying?" Sip restates, "This is squad work," and Ricky adds, "We're working for the victims." We know! This isn't The Practice where things get all legal and constitution-y! Baldwin says, "I'm learning the ropes. I know you've got your doubts about us." Sip gets up and says, "You see that," and leaves. Greg asks, "He earn that from you?" Baldwin says, "I heard he earned it," and Ricky goes, "Not from you he didn't." Oh yeah, Sip's real sensitive, look out for his feelings! Fancy just says, "Good work," about Baldwin's report. Baldwin goes, "I made a new friend from Russia." Fancy says, "Was that the new friend you made?" Like, it sure wasn't Sip! Sip comes back and says good night to everyone but Baldwin, who finally thanks Sip for his help on the case. Sip tells him to think nothing of it, and Ricky takes a few paper clips. Storm moving in! Hurricane Sip!

Nighttime outside the precinct. Ricky's waiting outside. Di comes out and asks, "Waiting for Mary?" No, but he's meeting her later. "I don't know if I'm supposed to be with anyone. I don't want to hurt anyone." Di says, "You don't seem hurtful to me." Ricky says, "Anyways, goodnight, and KISSES DI ON THE CHEEK! Then Di KISSES HIM BACK!

Ricky's house. Mary comes in with a covered dish. It's her gnocchi extravaganza. He puts it on the counter and takes her shirt off. Okay, has everyone seen Mary's boob by now, from many different angles? Good, now put it away and give us some DIFFERENT nudity.

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