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Fools Russian

Out in the hall, they run into the new ADA, and tell her they want to put a tap on Ivgenia's phone. She thought they liked Vernon for the murder, but reluctantly agrees to tap her phone. Then Di asks to talk to Ricky but he brushes her off. Aww!

Medavoy and ChiDick are chilling in a Chinese restaurant, eating what they call in China "food." ChiDick explains to Medavoy that "xie xie" is a humble thing to say when someone does you a favor, but you don't say "xie xie" back. Medavoy says, "That's not a language, it's a code." The head of the restaurant is wearing a lovely yellow satin jacket, and explains that she can't pay the gangster's ransom since they'll just come back for more next week. The ransom call comes in, they trace it, and -- boom – we get an action sequence. Lots of SWAT team members, an abandoned gritty warehouse, lots of open space. Medavoy gets to be a hero, finding the girl, bloody and beaten, in a dirty, gritty shower stall, murmuring, "Xie xie." Medavoy gallantly covers her with his jacket. Is this bizzarro Blue or what?

Station house. Ivgenia is back, with her lawyer. Di says they know she had cancelled her husband's plane ticket. She says she did it out of anger. And having the carpets replaced? She gives up having the affair with Vernon. Her husband came in, "got look in his eye, like mad bull, said he can't believe I sleep with this monkey -- excuse my language." Yeah, animal slurs. Vicious stuff. Baldwin visibly reacts. She so did it.

They hammer it out with the new ADA. She wants to put Vernon away because she knows "what a jury will think." Baldwin gets pissed off. Sip says their job is to arrest who they think who did it, and they want to arrest the wife. The new ADA is like, "That weakens my case against Vernon!" Oh, quit crying. Baldwin says he'll go find out what Vernon will do when he finds out his woman is framing him.

Vernon is like, "Oh no, no, no. We're in love!" How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Vernon pop? Baldwin says, "That's what you get when you think with your little head." Vernon says he didn't do it. That's all Baldwin needed to hear.

They go in to arrest I'veAVagina. She says, "That animal says I did it? That lying baboon? This is America, animal stick up for animal!" Yeah we do! And if you don't like it, go back to…oh, forget it.

Wrapping up, Baldwin says thanks to Sip for backing him up, and Medavoy dances in, all happy with the day's excitement. "We saved a girl!" Then, the blonde girl setting up his new computer smiles at him and gives him her card! What a great day! La la la!

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