Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

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Pounding drums. Moody keyboards. Smooth jazz. No, I mean the roar of a subway car.

There's a police sniper on the roof, and Di's on the phone, waiting on the street. There're several cop cars, Medavoy is strolling along, and a uniform is interviewing a woman. It's a big old honking crime scene, is what I'm saying. Baldwin comes up. They're all on the trail of the 'Do Rag Shooter. A uniform says the super says the state police came looking for a black male in apartment 2-J, and then Di goes to interview the stationery store clerk. The clerk is wearing this nice aqua and brown hooded sweater with fluffy brown fringe around the hood and an aqua pom pom on the zipper, a silver nose ring, and Scottish watch plaid pants. Cute! It's almost like recapping Buffy! For a moment. The Shop Girl balks at giving a detailed description because, "in my neighborhood, fools retaliate," and she doesn't want to get killed for getting involved. Di reminds her that the cop who got shot got involved when Shop Girl called 911 after getting robbed. Ooh, burn. Shop Girl gives a description of the shooter that differs slightly from Bloody Hands'.

Medavoy and Baldwin are up at the apartment where the shooter allegedly lives. They knock and hear woofing. A doggie! Medavoy says he hates dogs, and his stock plunges with me. What kind of person hates dogs? Then the barking subsides and Baldwin suggests someone is holding the dog's muzzle. He knocks again and Medavoy, dog-hater, suggests they try the fire escape, so they do.

Out on the fire escape, Baldwin says he'll kick in a window so they can go inside. The dog woofs. Medavoy says he doesn't want to blow the case doing an illegal search. I was about to say that! So they climb down.

Some gritty street scenes fly by, and we're still at the building. Di's on the phone getting info on the guy in 2-J, who's a -- guess what? -- black male in his twenties, named Tory, and Ricky and Sip come in strapping on…bullet proof vests, you perverts. Di gets the word that Tory has a warrant out for failing to appear and the Blue cops move in. Damn, this is gritty. Medavoy ruins the moment by saying he'll take out the dog if it's loose. Sip busts on him asking if he thinks a dog can hold a gun in his paw. Hell, there are times when I'm sure my dog is reading my books and talking on the phone. I'm sure he'd hold a gun if I left one around. So anyway, they bust in and the dog, a nice rottweiler, barks a lot; Tory has a gas mask on his head; Medavoy cowers behind the closet door as Tory is instructed to lock his dog in there; they find crack and a crack pipe; Tory is hauled off without being charged or arrested; Medavoy says his gut told him not to bust in; Baldwin kisses his hand and pats Medavoy's tummy, and Medavoy empties his gun to the sound of a growling dog.

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