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New cast member! Her ass is no stranger to the small screen.

Sip's hauling Tory up the stairs at the station house and hollers to put him in the pokey. Di says Shop Girl didn't ID Tory from his mug shots, and Cheryl is still in the OR. Begin the interrogation, already!

Tory wonders if he didn't wake up in the Soviet Union this morning. 'Cause his rights aren't being extended to him, see? He makes a "brr" noise to Ricky, like, ooh, he's so scared, and Sip promptly smacks him upside the head, hard. Is this new characteristic of Sip's a Bochco fingerprint? The head smacking, it's, well, a little heavy-handed. I had to say it, people. ANYWAY, Tory eventually admits he was the Blue Shirt guy that ran. And his 'Do Rag friend? Oh, that isn't his friend. Sip grabs Tory's neck until he squeaks, and then Ricky says they'll hurt his DOGGIE if Tory doesn't say whom 'Do Rag is. Tory says, "Andre Cutler. Don't touch my dog, man."

In rolls Bloody Hands with a denim-jacketed 'do-rag wearing light-skinned black male in tow. He's been beaten, and says he's going to sue the cops. Sip looks surprised when the uniform says this do-rag's name is MITCHELL. Mistaken identity much? They call it DWB, or Driving While Black. SUCKS. They drag off Mitchell, who says, "Lo-ter-ry." Sip says he thinks they have the wrong guy, but Di says Mitchell fits the Shop Girl's description to a "t." Sip notices Mitchell took a beating. Ricky's like, "Di, you want to stay with Mitchell, we'll go get Andre?" Di shoots him a look, and Fancy sends them all out.

Fancy yells at the uniforms outside Mitchell's room for beating him. One uniform actually says, "We're looking for a cop shooter here." They hand over what Mitchell had on him -- crack and a toy gun. Fancy sighs. Don't worry; you'll be out of here soon, Fancy. He says to hold off on the paperwork and dismisses them.

The streets under a bridge sure are rough-hewn. Gritty, even. Di, Ricky, and Sip are in the car and talk about Cheryl. Sip says her husband is taking it out on her partner, and Ricky says he thinks maybe her partner should have stayed with her. Di gets her panties all up in a wad and her bra strap all up in bunches, and yells hysterically that Cheryl was just doing her job and that if it was a male cop that got shot no one would say his partner should have stayed with him. Period. 'Do Rag emerges, Ricky tells Di to hang back, she says YOU hang back, and she takes off after 'Do Rag. They chase (tm ace and sep). They take down 'Do Rag and then Di yells at Ricky to never tell her to hang back again. He looks all hangdoggy. Aww.

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