Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

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New cast member! Her ass is no stranger to the small screen.

Baldwin and Medavoy talk with Mitchell, the 'Do Rag that didn't shoot Cheryl. He's unsure of his deal. Baldwin assures him that he isn't getting screwed, but that when "a cop got shot it all went wrong." Mitchell says he doesn't even know what end is up anymore. Pretty sad.

Sip and Ricky roll in on the 'Do Rag that did shoot Cheryl. They team up and tell him that a cop made the ID and that that's what you call "a star witness." Andre 'Do Rag, nostrils flaring, says, "It just ain't right having no female cops out there." IN THE YEAR 2001, PEOPLE. "She shouldn't have been no cop, not around me." Sip looks like he's about to explode.

Val waits in the hall. Then she starts running in slow motion. Just kidding. She yells at Sip for the false ID, then brings up his dead wife and says he wouldn't try to steamroll her like he's doing to Valerie now! Val! It's your first day! Sip blinks and blinks as she says, "Get me good evidence and I'll get you good convictions." Sip agrees but looks sucker-punched.

The captain comes in and apologizes for "losing his cool." Then he shakes Bloody Hands' no longer bloody hand. Bloody Hands cries softly, like a little baby. Subtle.

Di and Ricky are having Their First Fight, by Playskool. It's about how a Female Cop Can Loose the Respect She Earns in an Instant. Ricky smiles bemusedly at his little spitfire. Damn, she's got spunk! And a great ass, to boot. Then he asks if it's still okay to open doors for her when they go out to dinner. Di, instead of handing him his ass on a plate, says she'd love it if he opened a door for her. Then he goes over and kisses her to shut her up, I guess. They kiss some more then go do it. Some more. Again.

Sip comes home and Katie says Theo is asleep. She puts on her coat to leave. She's going back to sleeping at her place, she says. Sip's like, "C'mon Katie, we got a nice system here. Theo needs you. I need you." "For what? What are we doing?" Sip says he doesn't know. She leaves. He sits on the couch.

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