In-Laws, Outlaws

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In-Laws, Outlaws

L-T's dad comes in with his daughter and her husband. They're looking for Sip. Ricky vaults over his desk to greet them. The daughter sees the shopping cart and is all like, sniffle, waah! They sadly shuffle off to an interrogation room. Fancy grabs Ricky and says that he has to deliver an apology to the sarge. Ricky says he will when he can get to it. Fancy says, "Make it good."

The sad survivors of L-T are offered coffee. No thanks, the dad has cancer, but he's going to beat it. Okay. No one has talked to L-T in six months. Apparently, L-T started losing it "freshman year, at Brown." Hee hee, Brown, the oddball Ivy! L-T started dressing funny and got paranoid. They thought it was a phase. But, it wasn't. "You don't know what it's like to lose a son." That's rather presumptuous! Sip says that he lost his son at twenty-four. Whoops. The dad says he didn't mean to say that he "has a monopoly on grief." Then he says that, when his wife died, she left enough money to set L-T and his sister "up for life." Sip suspiciously looks at the sister's husband. Then the dad is like, I don't feel well, I'm going to go now, and leaves. Oh, and find who killed my son. After they go, Sip's all, "kid could have lived on Park Ave, he sleeps under a bridge." Oh, those kooky, murdered rich.

So, later, via the phone dump, our Blue cops find that L-T made a call to his sister's house at 2:30 AM, right before he was killed. So that "six months ago" story is bunk. And, the greasy-spoon owner is on his way in, after being fed some BS story. And has Ricky made his apology yet? No? Well when, then? Sip and Di balefully look at the floor. Ricky says that "it'll sound better" once he's calmed down. Fancy says, "Soon, then." Ricky stalks out. Maybe he's teething.

Baldwin and Medavoy are cooling out in a car, safely locked away from the gritty, gritty (gritty!) street. Medavoy tries to gossip about Di and Ricky, but Baldwin's not having it. Then Medavoy is like, I had to fight off that Valerie, the new ADA, with a stick, man! Boy, she is one hot mama! Baldwin just laughs. Nothing bothers him. It's like he knows: all your base are belong to us. Just keep that running through your mind, and you'll be fine. They go and collar Diego, who's another scruffy homeless guy with a gruff voice. Medavoy makes a face to indicate that he has an odor, too. Great.

Sip and Ricky talk to L-T's sister and her husband. First they're like, oh no, he didn't call, he couldn't have called, and then the husband cops to taking the call but not waking his wife -- that L-T just rambled, something about a Jefe? and he not having the guts to say anything after L-T turned up dead. The wife is all, "You didn't make him crazy." After the happy couple leaves, Ricky and Sip decide to run their licenses. Then Fancy is all, "You calmed down enough yet? Let's say you have." Sip says, "You know what they say about eating crow -- that it goes down best with a smile." No, that's Coke. Ricky is all, are you sure? and Sip says, "Isn't that the phrase? Crow-eating grin?" Hee.

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