In-Laws, Outlaws

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In-Laws, Outlaws

So, Ricky goes downstairs, passes the greasy-spoon owner, and approaches the sarge. Um, can we talk? The sarge is like, sure, how about right here in front of my desk where all my subordinates can see you kiss my ass until it's soda-cracker white. Ricky doesn't like that. He grimly apologizes, with an especially creased face. The sarge taps his stripes, and tries to make Ricky feel better about L-T's murder: "This doesn't fall on you. What happened is what happened." Ricky literally runs back upstairs.

Di and Sip interrogate the greasy-spoon owner. Yeah, he fought with L-T, and yeah, he had a box cutter, but he didn't kill him. Okay. Try to stay awake, people.

So, Ricky goes behind the two-way mirror to spy on Baldwin and Medavoy as they interrogate Diego. He cracks wise, they ask about L-T, and Ricky gently simmers. The camera comes in closer -- not waving -- to see him take off his watch and roll up his shirtsleeves. I guess we're supposed to feel tense, or that something is building. I don't. Then Ricky enters, shoos away his co-workers, and starts in on Diego. Medavoy says that they had better go get Sip. I'll say, Sip brings grit to whatever he does. Ricky slams Diego against the pokey, and Diego says, "You're a very unhappy person." Hee. Then, wham! Ricky delivers a punch to the gut. Woof! Sip enters, just in time to see punch #2. Diego cops to killing Jefe, but not L-T. Ricky leaves. Sip is all, whoa.

Back at the station house, Fancy sends Di out on two murders in an apartment on 13th Street. Medavoy and Baldwin come along. Ricky has Diego's confession and has made his apology. So he and Sip pile into the Mystery Machine to go to the next gig. Zoicks! A g-g-g-g-GHOST! Just kidding.

Sip asks John to babysit again, tonight. John is all, "You have another engagement? Is it with the same woman? I'll get some new puzzles. With bells on!" That makes Sip look nervous. Then, L-T's dad walks in. He wants to talk. His daughter is "married to a degenerate gambler, substance addict." He's worried that L-T's share of the will will just be pissed away. Arrest the husband's bookie, he wants them to do. What a mess.

Apartment. Two shot people are there, a husband and wife. She was shot running to the door; he got a self-administered bullet wound to the head. The lady super -- sorry, don't call her "lady" -- is busy. The dead woman worked for CitiWide Courier -- same as Denby! Oh my! Di seizes their computer for evidence.

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