In-Laws, Outlaws

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In-Laws, Outlaws

Sip and Ricky haul L-T's bad brother-in-law in for questioning. EZ Pass registered his car going into the city. He said he went to visit a hooker. Nice. And how's his bookie? And the time he got arrested buying drugs on Avenue C? The brother-in-law is all, "Look, I pulled a dick playing hockey at Dartmouth." Ba ha ha! I love it; another rich kid gone bad. I have more respect for L-T living his crazy life on his own terms than I do for this shlub. The b-i-l says that he's been clean for fourteen months now, though, and that coffee is his "only adjustable vice." "Adjustable"? Goddam fancy schools. So, Sip explains to the b-i-l how it looks, and the b-i-l says, yeah, he went to meet L-T, and brought a knife, and that L-T just came at him: "I feared for my life!" Yeah, right. They leave him with a pad and pen and tell him to write it down.

Out in the hall, Ricky goes on about how he feels responsible, and oh look -- it's raining anvils. We know. Sip tells him to calm down, and thank god for Sipowicz is all I have to say.

Sip and Ricky go back in and say that the DA found defensive wounds in L-T's hands and two wounds in his back, which don't match up with B-I-L's story of self-defense. Oh, no! Sip suggests he try the truth. "It was just some insane, spur-of-the-moment thing! Will you talk to my wife about a lawyer?" Okay, then.

Station house, again. Di comes in and tells Fancy that the murder-suicide couple are connected to Denby via CitiWide Couriers, and that his email address was in the couple's hard drive: hdenby@citiwidecouriers.com. Go ahead, Scott Cohen fans -- give it a try. No, don't. Hee. If there were any dirty email between Denby and the deceased, it's been deleted. You can retrieve those, though. In walks Valerie the new ADA for her patented Last Ten Minutes of Showtime Scene, and says she got a confession from the b-i-l. Great. Is everyone still paying attention? Yeeps, this is dull. L-T's dad and daughter come in; they relay the facts, and say they won't help with a lawyer. The daughter says, "Daddy, I'm so sorry!" That is sad. Ricky takes a call. It's from Denby. He wants to talk to Ricky. He and Di get in a snit about it. Oh, god, let it end already. All your base are belong to us. Okay. Di gives Ricky the rundown on the murder-suicide; Ricky sulkily bursts out.

Denby is creepy. He admits to having an affair with the murdered woman, and that the husband threatened to cut his balls off. Ricky is like, why are you telling me when it's Di's case? Denby makes a crack about his "past" with Di. Ricky is all, "Why don't you just come out and say what you mean?" and while his face is all creased, his voice is so whiny and weak, Ricky has no strength to stand up against Denby. Denby is like, "She's your girl now...I am tempted to compare notes." Ricky says he's not. And, goodbye. Ricky stomps back off inside the station house.

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