In-Laws, Outlaws

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In-Laws, Outlaws

Ricky comes in, seething...sort of. Di asks what Denby wanted. He said he slept with the DOA. That was it? Oh, and to reminisce about when "you used to play bouncy-bouncy." Eww. Di is incredulous. Ricky is creased. Di says, "You know what Danny? Grow up." Didn't they already have this fight? She goes into the bathroom, he follows.

Bathroom. They fight. Ricky's a baby, Di is pissed: "I don't owe you an explanation!" He sulks off and slams the door. Medavoy seems rattled by the slam. Then, Baldwin looks up, then John, then Sip, then Fancy. The door slams again. Now that's acting.

Night. Mellow music. Ricky is drinking in the Irish Cop Bar Du Jour, called "McSorely's." There's something really funny about Ricky sitting right under a neon sign that says "McSorely's." There should be another sign for Big Fat Baby Beer, or a playbill for Silver Spoons! The Musical. Or, You'll Never Live It Down, Rickster. Anyway, Sip reminds Ricky not to drink to escape his problems, and Ricky is like yeah, poor me -- pour me another one.

Sip is walking with Cyn down the gritty street. She has a giant foil swan. She goes into a thing about how "cops only open up to other cops." He tells her about Ricky acting like a giant baby, and apologizes for being distracted. They're in front of her apartment building now. She invites him in. He declines, since the babysitter is waiting. She says it's okay and kisses him on the lips. She goes in, and Sip walks away in the gritty, gritty snow.

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