Little Abner

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Little Abner

Sip and Ricky leave the interrogation room, no closer to solving the case than they were before. Ricky says Dino is "completely unrelated" to the murder. Sip adds, "In a deep depression too." Ricky tells Dino's guards that they "should cut out the saltpeter they're feeding him upstate." Sure, a prison full of horny mobsters is just what we all need.

In the coffee room, Baldwin hands over a videotape to Di and Kirky: "Paul's brother thinks he's an asshole too. When he gave me the tape he said, 'What trouble is my brother in now?' He doesn't even know what's on the tape." Kirky says, "We don't know what's on the tape either, Baldwin." So they pop it in and start watching. What, no popcorn? The tape begins with Shanice talking and Paul looking into his open closet door with a smirk. Shanice is mad because Paul forgot to pick her up some wine coolers. But she giggles and takes her shirt off and lies down on the bed anyway. Paul lowers himself on top of her, and Baldwin leaves the room. Kirky says, "Hard to call that resistance," and she and Di continue to watch.

Greg comes over to Baldwin and asks about the video. The next screening is in half an hour, Greg, keep your pants on. Baldwin looks super-uncomfortable, and Greg asks if he wants to wait until "the girls are done watching" before they watch. Oh no, let's all watch the amateur porn together! After work maybe you and the girls would like to come over and watch the Pamela and Tommy Lee video? Baldwin explodes: "I'd be more comfortable not watching white people watch black people have sex!" Why, do you not want to give away any trade secrets or something? Are you working on a video of your own? Please say yes. Then he says, "That may be a personal problem I need to work out on my own." Greg just takes this in and says, "I wonder where the boss is?"

A lady with curly blonde hair walks in. She's worried about her husband, David Lorenz. She thinks he may be in danger. The danger? She's about to rat him out to the cops. Sip and Ricky take her over to their desk and she basically comes out with it: Her husband found phone records of her and Pat calling each other when David wasn't around, and he concluded that they were having an affair. She's crying as she says, "He had a gun! It's my fault. I broke his heart! He was so sorrowful that Pat had died...it's my only hope that David didn't BOO HOO HOO!" I am REALLY not liking how this episode is turning out. The difference between men and women's sexuality is inadvertently to blame for both these crimes! Goddammit. Sip leaves (in disgust?) and Ricky says, "Thanks." The lady continues burying her husband and says stupidly, "He really was so sorrowful...isn't that a reason for cautious optimism?"

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