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Loogie Nights

Nazi-boy strolls into interview room number two where Sip is waiting, perched in a corner like an owl. Immediately he starts barking, "I met all the tough guys I need to! The only beating Poodle-Head got was from you guys!" Nazi-boy tries to keep alive the idea that someone else delivered the beat-down, and Sip reminds him that Neil is a giant pussy who won't be ""holding up that big blue wall." Nazi-boy yells, "I hold my end up!" and Sip grabs his crotch (that's the dick shot I get -- thanks bunches) and booms, "HOLD UP THIS!" Sip calls Nazi-boy a gutless scumbag and THAT'S what really gets N-b's goat, because he starts growling about how HE wanted to bring Poodle-Head in, but his gutless scumbag PARTNER had to go chase the groovy 70s-shirted witness because he didn't want to get busted. His gutless scumbag PARTNER was afraid of getting caught, oh boo hoo! "These are OUR STREETS. I did what had to be DONE," hollers Nazi-boy. What-EVER! I say. We get a shot of Sip's face and then...

Commercial, which is for The Hurricane, a movie about racism, police brutality and a man unfairly jailed for years and years. Oh, are police corrupt? Does the system not work all the time? I didn't realize. And in case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic!

Back in the station, Sip, Ricky, and Diane are hunting-and-pecking away at their IBM Seletrics. Sip's boss ocmes in and says that they might get in trouble for not alerting the IAB. Ricky gets all huffy, saying, "this job makes more sense," but meaning the opposite. Sip, all pot-to-kettle, leaves with a few cautionary words to Ricky about not going out and releasing his frustrations on anyone else. Diane asks Ricky out and gets rejected. She looks real hot in her tank top anyway.

Sip is home with Theo, making dinner. Theo makes sweet little-kid-style background noises until Sip busts out with "Any job you have is to try and [sic] help people. You earn a living and try to help." Theo has no idea what his dad is talking about and says "mashed potatoes!" Sip puts dinner on the table, they say their prayers, Theo squinching up his face as he does, and they eat. "Your mom had the same goal with her job. You had an older brother I'll tell you about, he tried to help too." Theo manages, "I'm helping. I'm-a kiss you." Sip is all like, "You wanna kiss me in the middle of dinner?" Theo makes loud kissing noises so Sip leans across the table to get one. My TV gets all blurry but I can still hear Theo say "I'm helping," and Sip say, "You helped me. Thank you for the kiss." Sniff! So sad!

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