Loogie Nights

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Loogie Nights

In Paddy O'Furnitures, Ricky is throwing back a beer. Ed and Mary come in and Ed makes some crack about how the city must be safer with two cops off the street. Ricky says that indeed he does feel safer. Ed says, "You know the case," and Ricky goes "True that." Okay. Then he and Mary look at each other and squirm around just in case you missed that there was sexual tension between them before. Ricky goes to their booth. And Ed splits, saying, "this is without me." So Ricky and Mary are (sitting in a tree!) staring at each other. He says he doesn't like those "disapproving mystery looks" she was giving him all day. She asks, "Are you usually this off-base about what's in people's minds? Because I can really see it screwing up your detective work." Ricky goes, "Anyway." Then she admits she has talked to a girl he dated "twice" and it made her interested in him, because he was so distant and unavailable. Ooh, what a catch. Then she asks, "Do you think there's room for two confused people in the world?" and he, salivating, asks, "Would you like to come home with me tonight?" She says, "Yeah," and he looks down.

Cut to the little-kid art in Ricky's apartment. Mary and Ricky enter the room riding the giant choo-choo train and start riping off each other's clothes. The duck phone quacks and Ricky lifts her bra over her head. News flash for Ricky: Many bras now UNFASTEN. Anyway, we get to see Mary's total boob, until she decides she doesn't want to continue in the doing-it vein. As she put her bra back on (over her head) and gets into her pants, we get to see more boob. Hooray for gratuitous nudity. He says it's okay and that he wants to hold her. She'll need to remove her pants "for holding purposes only." Mary laughs. They cuddle in bed and Ricky says, "When I saw you in the bar tonight I went from wanting a fight to just wanting to keep company with you." SURE you did. No, really, it's sweet that he's not pressuring her. "That's all I wanted," he repeats. SURE it was, I repeat. No really, it's nice.

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