Roll Out The Barrel

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Roll Out The Barrel

Memmet and Sip are sitting in a hospital cafeteria. They sit so expectantly, it's like any heart-to-heart in a hospital cafeteria before this one had only aspired to be this somber and heartfelt. Hospital cafeteria scenes, you were just embryonic before this moment. Memmet says, blinking like an outboard motor, "I'm so afraid for her to die!" Sip says at some point it will be a relief. Memmet asks, "Was it a relief for you? She's everything in the world. I'm afraid to let her go! I know that there's nothing after death." Woah, heavy. Sip begins to go into his very, very sad (and gritty!) past: Dead wife and murdered son Andy Jr. and it ends up here: "I knew there was no God. I dreamt of him coming back, a spirit. My ex-wife has visions. It feels real. It's come to me since people I loved died. Maybe it'll come to you. I promise it feels real." Insert your definitions for "it" here: Spirituality, comfort, God, fishcakes. Andy and Memmet hold hands in the hospital cafeteria like two people have never held hands before.

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