Sleep Over

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Sleep Over

Woosh! The subway arrives with the credits! Join the love train that is NYPD Blue!

Inside the station, John is showing Medavoy his brand-new Zen rock garden. I'm laughing too. Should they be wearing kimono as they do this? Where are the subtitles? I love when actors in foreign films move their mouths a lot but only a little speech comes out. How do they do that? John says, "Use the tiny rake. Here. Try," but his mouth moves as if he is saying, "Your rock garden skills are good, but mine are better!" John reads from a book and says, "The way is not a matter of knowing or not knowing," but when his lips move they say "fishcakes." Mr. Maguchi comes in asks Medavoy to wash his car...wax on, wax...no, it's another snooty broad that walks in and asks to speak to a detective. She is not wearing kimono. Medavoy drops the tiny rake really fast, and the camera moves around it like some effect from The Matrix. John karate-chops her. Hai-YAH! Baldwin comes over and the snooty broad (SB from now on) practically licks him hello. Hey, get in line, honey.

So, Greg and Baldwin take the SB over to their desk and she starts dishing on Rafaela, who is a woman that she and her husband have "tried to help over the years." Rafaela gave birth four months ago and then said the baby had fallen ill and died. The SB said "naturally (she) was devastated..." and the fact that there was no burial service seemed "strange." Baldwin asks how they tried to help Rafaela over the years and the SB gives up that she was their housekeeper. Oh, so their employment of her is considered "help." That's real magnanimous. It's not like WORK or anything. No, and the SB and her husband feel a "certain obligations for the care and welfare" of their servants. Baldwin, who totally has her number, says, "Like family?" The SB says, "EXTENDED family." Mmm-hmm. Baldwin then asks, "Have you had a falling out, like family members of a kind do?" Sure, the SB thinks Rafaela was stealing from her, and an "atmosphere of mistrust" was created. Is that anything like a theater of pain? Yes. So, would Rafaela think this inquiry to be some kind of payback? The SB says, "She might, but she'd be wrong." Mmm-hmm. Anyway, the SB has been VERY happy to meet Baldwin, and he says he feels that they may have met before, and she trills, "In another life!" After she's gone, Greg asks where that may have been and Baldwin says, "It's kind of hazy, but I do make out whole bunches of cotton." Mmm-hmm.

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