Sleep Over

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Sleep Over

JB is on the street, badgering a fruit-truck driver: "Do you know what Aikido is? This is the crane attack position of advanced Aikido!" Okay, first: The check to the Japanese is in the mail; your culture is totally being plundered in this episode. Second: Aikido is a DEFENSIVE martial art. The crane pose you're doing is from karate/The Karate Kid, so quit it, you freak. Sip pops open the fruit truck and arrests the guy. Ricky throws JB on the ground and arrests him for the heroin he's got, cracking, "Lucky I got you down so you can't go into crane attack mode." The fruit truck guy asks to go because he fruit will spoil if he doesn't. Fine, go haul your peaches, Peaches.

Rafaela's husband's in being interviewed, reluctantly: "I don't like it here in America." Hey, that's not how the song goes! Haven't you seen those fucking Gap ads they run every five minutes? So, the husband went away for a while and when he came back, his wife was pregnant with her boss's baby. He didn't like that. "She doesn't believe in the operation. I won't take care of another man's baby!" So she took the baby, was gone for two days, and came back without the baby. Didn't he ask what happened? Didn't he care at all? He yells, "It's not my baby!" All the Blue cops look bummed and Kirky slips out.

Kirky comes into the pokey and tells Di and Rafaela what her husband just said. Rafaela moves into confessin' mode: "I had nothing to help Miguel, nothing to protect him." Di reaches out to touch her but she draws back. Di gets all weepy, as if that helps people to confess, or as if we need to know how sad this scene is by checking Di's eyes for tears. So, Rafaela says, "I took him to the country. I gave him his pacifier. I gave him back to God...I left him with his pacifier and sat on the hill...I waited through the night. In the morning he was almost gone. A sweet breeze blew...he was gone. I hope before God sends me to hell, he lets me see my baby once in heaven." And I hope that the stigma of abortion goes away fast, like SOON if not NOW, because I am pretty fucking horrified by these terrible, true stories of parents killing their newly-born children. A simple surgical procedure could prevent these kinds of murders! And it's LEGAL.

Ricky and Sip are talking to the guy they got out of a fruit truck. He smells delicious. He's trying to say that he called in trying to HELP about the case, but no one believes him. So, after a second of protest, he confesses: He and some of his friends robbed the old man, made him give up his address, and took him for a ride in the trunk of his Cutlass. When they popped the trunk, he was dead. Another senseless crime with no real meaning, solved by a rat's tip. The end.

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