Sleep Over

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Sleep Over

It's night, and Baldwin's preparing to go on his run. Greg is tagging along. "This is going to be a debacle. I'm an albatross. I express reluctance." Oy, Suck it up, Medavoy. Baldwin says of their case that he thinks he owes Kirky an apology: "I wasn't defending what Rafaela did, but rich people do whatever they want to keep living their lives." Greg says, "You can't change the world." God, that's depressing. Baldwin says he's like to "get a nod from the conductor," though, and Greg continues and says, "A toot from the train whistle." They go out, and bump into the SB who ratted out Rafaela. Baldwin asks super-politely, "How can we help you?" She says she's surprised she hasn't heard anything from them. Snoot. Baldwin says it does seem that Rafaela was instrumental in the death of her baby. The SB says, "So the baby is, in fact, dead." Yup. Baldwin says, "And if I were you, that's all I'd ask about this case." Dripping contempt, the SB says, "REALLY, detective. And what in your own experience makes you feel remotely competent to put me in my place?" Oh, something to do with the fact that his eyes and ears work. Baldwin says he notices "the comfort and relief in [her] voice to learn that the baby is, in fact, dead." Greg says, "Oh boy," and the SB gasps dramatically, "How dare you? Why would I take comfort in the death of that child?" Baldwin says, "Your maid told us your husband was forcing himself on her." SB: "That little slatternly thief would tell any lie." Baldwin: "If that baby was born and was being raised somewhere with your husband's support, it would confirm your fears. After the autopsy, we're going to have that baby's DNA. If you didn't feel Rafaela is a lying, thieving slut, all you'd have to do would be to ask your husband for a sample of his DNA. Are you going to do that? If not, now that you've completed your dirty little fact-finding mission, why on earth are you standing here being a hypocrite?" The SB slaps Baldwin's sweet face. He pauses and continues: "You just assaulted a police officer. But if you turn and go before I count to three, I'm not going to charge you with that, because I don't want to miss my evening run. One. Two." She skedaddles. Baldwin's face looks sad, especially his lips. Greg says, "Hey partner. Woo woo!" Baldwin still looks sad and they slowly trudge off together.

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