The Man With Two Right Shoes

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The Man With Two Right Shoes

Sip's at his desk and Danny Peters of the NYFD dances in again. "Hey, Andy," he says. "Ooh, Danny," says Sip. The DOA's stuff is still stolen, and the pictures help show when they were taken off the corpse. "That part remains a mystery," says Danny. "Well I got nothing to contribute...that's not my bag of crap." SURE, you don't, and YES it is. Sip says, "If the missing property gets found, you don't have to hold it." I love the "bag of crap" phrase! Totally guilty, Danny says, "I know who to talk to," and the camera waves around to show Gay John practically standing over them, looking so hard at Danny you'd think he would break under the strain. Instead he just tosses the photos back at Sip and goes, "When in Rome." Like Rocket from the Crypt sing, "When in Rome, do the jerk!" And Sip just did you, buddy. As Danny leaves, he tries to intimidate Gay John by asking, "I hope my friend here knows when to turn his eyes to the wall," and Gay John shoots back, "And when not to." Then Sip and Gay John exchange looks and it seems that, for a moment, Sip appreciates and respects John! HOORAY!!

In the locker room, Di and Kirky take a break from their naked tickle fight to talk about their day. Miss Peters is "awaiting her coach ride to the tombs," and Martinez didn't drive her because "he might get lost and drop her off at the pier." Sounds good to me! Then Kirky tells Di she told Don, her loser ex, to stay away from her and her son, and never to come see them again. Di is glad, but wonders if Kirky might have implicated herself by telling Don he was under surveillance. Kirky goes, "Oh." Di notes that that was an evasive remark and Kirky, totally evading her, goes "See you tomorrow." See ya! Would not want to be ya!

In the park, Sip is wheeling Theo around on the world's slowest merry-go-round ride, shooing other children away as he does. A little over-protective, you could say. Theo says "Go fast! More faster!" and finally, "Wanna go on the slide!" Sip gets worried-face and says, "This is your ride, Theo...how come you want to go on the slide?" With perfect little-kid logic, Theo says, "'Cause more sliding." Sip sighs, gathers Theo up, lets out two more sighs, and walks over to the slide like it's the green frickin' mile or something. There's a pause, a "You're sure," and Theo the adorable one says "I wanna go on the slide." Sip thinks he's gonna get up there too and Theo goes, "I wanna do it by myself." Another sigh from Sip, an assisted climb (cute teeny cargo pants!), more sighs and an "I don't think this is such a good idea," a hand-holding, and in like a second Theo slides down the slide as Sip yelps, "I'll be standing here the whole time!" Sigh sigh, "You did it! Now wasn't that fun. We did it. We did it." I love metaphor. And then the TV gets all blurry again and I can barely see Theo climbing back up the slide for another go and Sip wiping his brow.

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