The Naked Are the Dead

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The Naked Are the Dead

Whoosh over to the 113th Precinct where Don is -- FINALLY! -- behind bars. Kirky strides in and Don, all locked up, starts whimpering, "Thank God! Thank God, Jill. How are the boys holding up?" OH MY GOD! Kirky hisses, "How can you ask about the boys at a time like this?" Because Don is a manipulative, evil fucker with no fucking conscience, that's how! He'd steal your liver to feed to his dog. "I need your help," whines Don, and Kirky snaps, "No, you're just too lazy to take care of yourself." WOOOO! Then Don says, WAY too loudly, "From the moment you gave me the heads-up, I knew I couldn't leave town because it would be an admission of guilt, and I'm INNOCENT." Kirky looks really upset and pleads, "Keep your voice down! Do you realize I could lose my job if anyone finds out that I gave you the heads-up?" Uh, YES, Don realizes that, but he just doesn't CARE about anyone but HIMSELF. He has NO morals or ethics. Do you finally UNDERSTAND that, Jill Kirkendall? Can this PLEASE be the final lesson? Don continues his despicable weaseling: "Can you think of some other way to help me? 'Cause I gotta look after myself, Jill. I can't do time." Oh, and you also can't seem to figure out a way to support yourself other than being a fucking delivery boy for drug dealers, you huge loser! And you also can't seem to have any respect for your former wife, nor for your children! Jill turns away, fights back tears, and says, "I understand." That Don is a huge loser and not worthy of being eaten by slugs? GOOD. Don goes ON to say, "'Cause if you think I want the boys humiliated like this than you gotta think...." Kirky strides off, thank God, and Don calls after her, "Honey? Honey? Will I hear from you soon?" Oh man, you'll be hearing from the backside of my hand in about one second, Don. And it's going to sound like pain.

Back at the station house, Kirky is slowly walking in. One foot in front of the other, Kirky. Di, John, and Fancy all give her meaningful looks, but she just walks to her desk wearily without seeing them. Din finally comes over and asks, "What did Don say?" but Kirky just says, "They got the wrong guy. Maybe you shouldn't be talking to me," because she doesn't want Diane to get in trouble. Di protests, "The boss is on your side," and then Fancy comes out and booms, "You wanna come in here, Jill?" Uh oh.

In his office, Fancy says, "The guard commander at the 113 is going to keep your name out of the report." Whew. "That doesn't mean some scumbag won't drop a dime to the papers." Shit. Damn that Don! Fancy continues," Does your ex-husband have enough decency and concern for your children to not [sic] give you up?" Uh, NO. Kirky says, "He's going to give me up to prove that he's innocent, because a guilty man would have left town. No, he doesn't have enough decency, because he's a self-involved asshole who has never considered the consequences of his actions other than does he feels good when he gets off and is the chili going to upset his stomach!" You got that right, Kirky! And don't ever forget it. Fancy isn't invited to Jill's pity party though, and says, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself. What did he ask you for?" Kirky didn't ask. Fancy sees hope and asks, "So he hasn't given you up yet?" He decides to go down to the 113th Precinct and kick some ass, to be followed by some taking of names. Thank God!

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