These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

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These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

Back at the station house, Medavoy cruises up to Martinez with a coffee mug in hand, all ready to gossip: "You didn't ask me how my date with Miss Loretta Beckwith of EMS went!" Martinez puts away the letter that says he passed the sergeant's test with flying colors, and asks, "Oh yeah, how did it go?" Medavoy is like, "I had some moment of realization on that buffet line..." Was it that only dorks take a first date to a buffet? Because that would be some moment of realization. Medavoy continues, "I'm waiting on the buffet line of the Lankard's Restaurant I told you about..." Oh my God, has ANYONE heard of this restaurant? Is it famous among New York City cops? Or maybe the name is some kind of shout-out to someone named Lankard. Mention it one more time and I'm calling that phone company that can locate places you've forgotten the location of. You know, the mystery bookstore outside of Chicago? Or the dog-grooming place called Punky's? Anyway, Medavoy continues, "We're in the buffet line at Lankard's and there's a couple in front of us. A young woman, about twenty-two, and a guy in his forties. Then, with this EMS girl beside me, I realize, as far as age discrepancy, her and I, there's no difference. In fact, we're a mirror image from that couple!" Most guys would be psyched, but not Medavoy. I'm glad he feels like a tool for dating someone half his age. So James, in the anyway-vein, says, "I passed the sergeant's exam." Medavoy's lip starts to quiver, tears form in his eyes, then he just starts bawling. Gotcha! Medavoy looks stunned and says, "That throws me for a loop." Then he and Martinez talk about the pros and cons of being sergeant, one significant con being "the loss of prior friendships," which Medavoy repeats twice. Aww! Martinez reassures Medavoy by taking him in his arms and stroking his lovely red hair and whispering, darling, darling, you know we shall never be apart...just kidding. Martinez says, "You're the godfather of my child...food for thought." Medavoy walk away snuffling. He knows Martinez is leaving and never coming back! Waah!

Ricky, Sip, Kirky and Di all come in to the station house. Ricky and Sip cruise over to Fancy's office to announce the status of their case: Male Hispanic DOA. The wife was too upset to talk to the cops and locked herself in the bathroom. Sounds suspicious, yes? She is coming down later to look at photos. The brother of the DOA -- Hwa-KEEN, which Sip can't say without making a face -- saw the shooter from the back and fired shots at him. Fancy says, "Okay. Get out of my office." Vamoose!

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