These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

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These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

Preston the Latent Prince enters, and Sip says, "You got the heart to tell him..." Everyone shakes their head "no" and scurries off. Preston says, "Let me know when you make a collar up on this...wow. Glad to be on the team." He shakes Di and Kirky's hands and exits. Sip blinks about fifteen times like an owl.

The camera waves us around the gritty streets until it becomes clear that time has passed, then waves us back over to the station house. Di and Kirky are doing some paperwork and Kirky asks if she should ask about the negotiations regarding Don's deal. Uh, NO! Di says no too. Then Medavoy sidles in and says hi. Di and Kirky tell him the three calls to the Widow and Mr. Enrique all came from the same cell phone. They're waiting for "the pedigree" on that. Medavoy starts dancing around the fax machine, saying he's waiting for a fax about a "credit apps snafu." Kirky looks through the documents in the tray and Medavoy gets all antsy. To change the subject, he brings up the news about Martinez. Kirky is surprised; she hadn't even heard he was applying. Medavoy says that Martinez "plays it close to the chest." Then a fax comes in, and before Medavoy can dive across and intercept is, Di grabs it. It's about the cell phone calls. They came from a Larry Watson. Medavoy makes a crack about "the information superhighway. Proceed at your own peril!" Whatever. ["Shout-out?" -- Wing Chun] Di goes, "Anyway, it's great about James." Medavoy stammers that he thinks it's great too (but clearly means the opposite), and as Di and Kirky leave, he repeats to the empty room, "Just great."

Sip and Ricky are hauling a rather decrepit-looking black man up the steps. He's loudly saying, "The whole situation is bad." I think he's drunk. Sip asks, "Are you still chewing that gum?" The man says he swallowed it. "Give him more gum!" yells Sip. The stinky guy says, "I know I have bad breath! It feels like I slept with dog crap in my mouth." Oh, GROSS! Di and Kirky come down the steps and say they're going to go collar Larry Watson for making the cell phone calls. Sip orders no one in particular to toss Stinky in the pokey.

In an interrogation room, another cop is waving a piece of gum at Stinky like a lion tamer waves a chair at a lion. "Sugar rots your teeth," says Stinky, "And I got a horror of dying toothless." Seems fair. Like a dental Apocalypse Now, you know, "the horror...the horror!" Sip and Ricky come in, finally say "Tyrell" is the man's name, and Ricky mentions the homicide. "Whoa!" Tyrell is stunned. Sip says that the case seems open and shut, that his prints are on the gun, and that he "doesn't see a Johnny Cochran getting [Tyrell] off for this." Tyrell collects his stained rags about him and gets into story mode: "Stand back, cause I'm coming with it all. I was circulating for useful disposables when I heard the shots. A firefighter jumped up! Boppity bow bow! Then I saw a brother come running. Boppity! Then out the first floor window there's a big old fat old...blaow! The brother drops the shotgun and takes off. I touched the gun, but then I left it be. And that's all I had to do with no murder." Di and Kirky come in with some photos and lay them out in front of Tyrell. Sip asks rhetorically, "Think we want you on a witness stand?" Tyrell places his finger squarely on one of the photos. Sip goes, "Whew."

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