These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

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These Shoots Are Made For Joaquin

So, Martinez comes up to Fancy in the bathroom and tells him about passing the sergeant's exam. He was 67th on the list, and they're taking the first hundred applicants. Fancy tries to discourage him, but Martinez says that wife wants him off the streets. Fancy gets a wide, fake smile on his face and says it's great and that he's happy for Martinez. No, he isn't! Then Fancy leaves, and Martinez looks kind of bummed. Oh well, onward and upward.

Di's on the phone with Denby when Ricky comes in. Immediately, she makes it sound like she's making a date. Ricky gets all squirmy and jealous and then Mary comes in to look at their files (sure), and Ricky becomes wooden and withdrawn, like most people do when their lover comes in the room. Di really enjoys this and after Mary leaves, tells Ricky she's "cute." Then she knocks the books out of Ricky's arms and runs away screaming.

At Smitty's, the Irish cop bar du jour, Denby is drinking scotch and telling tales, as if Di wants to learn his personal history. Di is sipping water and looking grossed-out. Denby has "admittedly, a small problem with alcohol." Yeah, join the club, bub. Denby starts talking in the third person and asking if Di has "seen the light," and finally asks if she has a message from Kirky for him. Then he asks for a peck on the cheek in exchange for information about Don's case. She does it (!), and he pops a tiny boner (tm xix) and tosses back the rest of his drink. "Don't you feel like an asshole?" Di asks. He touches her hand and says that the prosecutor on Don's case is a wuss, because they already have enough info to put the drug dealers away. Then he asks for a real kiss in exchange for the rest of the info. "Screw you," says Di. "You were a decent guy this morning. You must hate yourself." Denby, three sheets to the wind at this point, says, "Often I don't even remember what it was I said." Di says, "You're a prick," and KISSES HIM ANYWAY! He pours more liquor down his throat as she growls, "You better tell me..." He says that the prosecutor's boss will make a case with or without Don, and that Kirky should sit on whatever info she has. Di leaves and there's a shot of all the empty glasses on the table in front of Denby as she heads out the door. And that's another beautiful episode!

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