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Did Don Die or didn't he?

Woosh! Bloosh! Subway! Credits!

Di's cooling her heels in a coffeeshop. The waitress gushes her thanks because Di helped recover the money on some bad checks they were written. Wow, coffeeshops accept personal checks? In gritty, gritty New York City? Cool. As Di waits she sees Denby across the street. She goes, "Eww," then stares. Who's that guy with him? Denby sees her and gets a very faint "oh, shit" look on his face as he hops in a cab. The waitress comes over to give Di a cake box and a hug and Di cranes her neck to look at the guy...cheap sunglasses...bad bleach blond dye job...stupid wrinkly jacket...then Di gets that look: oh, shit! Is that DON? A bus zooms by and when it passes, Maybe-Don is gone. Nice trick. Maybe Maybe-Don is a stupid magician. I hate Don.

Ricky's doing the hunt-and-peck on the first computer I've ever seen in the station house. Sip leans over his shoulder. "So, where's all the porn at? Just type in 'P-O-R-N.' C'mon, let's get porn! What else do you do with computers, a.k.a. porn machines!" Kidding. Ricky's putting the dates Wally gave him into the magical machine called a com-pu-tor and seeing what comes up. Sip's ranting about what a "doofus" Wally is. Um, takes one to know one, ya nerd. Kidding. Whoops! The system just went down. Boy, that can be frustrating. Technical difficulties suck, yes? We at Mighty Big TV know that very well. Di comes in just as Fancy leans over Ricky's shoulder to read the error message: "You are locked out." But we can still get porn, right? Kidding. Sip sneers at the computer, "So dra-MA-tic." Um, pot, kettle? You two know each other, right? Di says to Sip, "Got a minute?" Since there's no porn to be had, Sip excuses himself and leaves the computer to Ricky.

In the coffee room, Di tells Sip she knows she saw Denby and she thinks she saw Don. Denby said he was dead, and she got Bobby's ring back, but she thinks she saw Don. Sip suggests reaching out to Denby, but Di says she'll wait for him to reach out to her. Oh, and don't tell Kirky.

Sip comes out and Ricky just looks at him. Are you talking about me? Sip ahems and says it was something to do with Bobby, about one of his possessions. Di comes out with coffee for all of them. "Wanna go check on those gas stations?" Ricky says yeah. They all sip their coffee in mismatched mugs. One-two-three: Sluuurp.

Keyboards, stationhouse. An old geezer comes in. Man, he's old. He yells at John, "I got a question on my mind about whether I'm being bilked!" Di and Kirky lead him towards their desks as he continues to explain: he's paid $18,000 this week to the men repairing his house. Jesus! He's alone, his son moved away. "I'm worried I'm being a dope." Kirky says, "Everyone's a dope sometimes." Oh boy, are those words ever coming back to haunt you later on.

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