Waking Up Is Hard To Do

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Smell the flowers, you hump jerkoffs.

Partial nudity! Love it!

Previously on NYPD Blue -- Rat Squad, aka IAB, is pressuring the Blue squad to find Denby's girlfriend to prove that they aren't drug mules; Denby gives Di his ex's name; Sip forces a leukemia test on Theo; Di and Ricky move from sitting in a tree to doing it in a tree.

Ricky wakes up in Di's apartment. Morning. Morning. This is a little awkward. How you doin'? Good? Ricky starts with, "Look Di, if I pushed you into anything…" Di says she's a big girl! Ba ha. She means she's an adult, and she can fuck some guy if she wants to and it's not a big deal. Because Kim Delaney is petite. And Di may care for Ricky, but fucking someone right off the bat? Smells like a fling. And there's nothing wrong with getting your fling on. Oy, except Ricky has a girlfriend. Oh well. Heh heh. They both say they enjoyed themselves and the mood switches from awkward to sweet, and a little tender. Maybe even delicious. Di suggests they not tell anyone at work. Duh! Ricky says he cares for her but that "maybe it was a one time only." Di goes, "If you think we can do that," meaning, "Try and stop yourself from wanting me again, you meaty thing, you, and I'll try and fight you off when you come a knockin'." Di offers breakfast, he refuses, he says something about her going to the shower first, and she says, "Get a good look." Okay then! Di walks off to the bathroom, covering her breast coyly, then turns a corner and BOOM, there's her tiny ass. So cute! Ricky does that looking up and groaning thing I've heard men do when they totally look at women's asses.

Whoosh! Subway! Pounding drums! Gritty grit!

Hospital. Sip looks at his watch and grumbles. He hates to wait. So, why draw this out -- it's good news! Red blood cell count is almost normal! THEO DOES NOT HAVE CANCER! No more shots! No more pain! No more grit? Naah. It can't be. He has to come back in six months, "just to be safe." Bum bum buumm!

Sip and Ricky walk up to a crime scene by the river. Ricky has that glowing, "freshly laid" look about him. Sip is practically skipping. They should totally start singing or something, à la Cop Rock. Sip says good morning to a bum. The hell? He even called him "sir!" Dude. This is so not normal. Sip tells Ricky that Theo is okay, and Ricky is happy. Oh, and there's "another dead cabbie -- cabbie shot dead." Robbery? Ricky says, "It's a dangerous occupation driving a hack." Uh. DOY. Ricky and Sip stroll away and Sip says, "You know, it's beautiful down here by the river!" Their minds are so totally elsewhere.

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