Welcome To New York

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Welcome To New York

I love the home video All ad when the kid throws dirt on the dog and then the dog digs dirt on the kid. It's very verité, very Blair Witch. And it has a doggie!

Here's a gritty montage scene of Di, Kirky and Anya. Anya is leading Di and Kirky through the paces her rapists led her. Here's the bus stop where she waited, here's where the three men accosted her...it's very depressing. Anya asks, "It was all right not to let my parents come?" Kirky says, "It wouldn't have done them any good." Anya adds, "And it didn't happen to them." Then, strengthened, she leads Di and Kirky on, counting slowly.

Back at the station house, Ricky and Sip bring Blake from Louisville into the interrogation room. Blake has sandy hair and a neatly trimmed beard, and with his spiffy workout jacket on he could be from a fictitious boy band, like say, Down South! Or, Good Old Boyz! (The exclamation point gives it that extra punch.) Blake says, for no apparent reason other than to demonstrate his Southern-ness, "Oh for heaven's sake," and "In mah entahrye lahfe ah've never been in a police station." Well, my swan! Care for some lemonade? With or without grit? As if you have a choice. Ricky says Walter's car is missing, and Blake says, "If Walter said I took his car, it's an outright lie. I'd never do that, and if he's saying different he's out-and-out lying." Hee hee, he said "out" three times. Get it? Gay...OUT? Sip and Ricky ask when was the last time Blake saw Walter, and Blake says "Twenty-three days." Sip asks if he's marked them off on his calendar and Blake says yes, unashamed. Aww, he's counted the days! Breaking up is hard to do, isn't it. Then they tell him that Walter's missing too, along with his car. Does he think Walter just took off? Blake says, "That would be the best present in the world Walter could have given himself." Aww, he's so sweet! Then Ricky and Sip drop the bomb and say they think something bad may have happened to Walter. Blake gets weepy, and a bit Christian. "Oh my God! God in heaven! I would never do anything to hurt Walter, or his car, or any living thing! This is so terrible!" God bless the beasts and taupe Mercedes, right? Then Sip asks what Blake's current beau, Phillip, thinks of Walter. Blake can't really say. Sip says, "Don't you tell war stories of previous intimacies?" Hee hee, we all do. It's what separates us from the animals! Blake says, "Phillip thought Walter was Satan incarnate." Satan! Cool! Cue the scary music: BUM BUM BUUUM!

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