Welcome To New York

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Welcome To New York

The funky funky keyboard leads us all around NYC and ends up at the station house. Sip and Ricky are in Fancy's office explaining about their case, with Sip saying "gay" this and "fruit" that and Ricky ahem-ing at every opportunity until Fancy says, "Andy, we've got it. We know everyone involved is gay." Anyways!

Sip and Ricky lead Fancy out to get John's perspective. John looks terrified, and begins slowly: "I don't think Phillip killed him for money...I think he killed him because he needed to be the only thing in that boy's head...Phillip is so afraid....let me collect myself." Sip jumps in but Fancy says, "How about you let John talk." Yeah, Let JOHN talk! "Phillip can't stand being compared with anyone. Blake wouldn't hate Walter. Phillip is going to bring back a lawyer for Phillip; that's what widening the loop meant." Sip says, "Protecting his own sick ass is less important to him than getting Blake back on his team." Hee hee, Sip said "ass." John continues, "If Blake doesn't want a lawyer, he sends the lawyer away. He needs to be the only thing in that boy's head." Fancy nods. Sip gives John the thumbs-up. Go John! Win that respect!

Baldwin casually walks the rapist in, and over to his desk. The rapist asks, "Those women detectives were staring daggers." Baldwin goes, "Don't worry about them." "Does that mean I gotta worry about you?" Yes, stupid, you should. Baldwin asks about the "trespassing" in that unlocked apartment. The rapist says, "Kids were around. No big deal." Baldwin asks for names and the rapist says, "No. I don't want to get in trouble, or in the middle of something." Baldwin says if he wants to get out of here, he needs some names. NOW. The rapist only knows one guy's name: "Eddie Felix. I took out the trash and heard then partying." Baldwin asks, "Drinking, drugs?" No drugs. "Girls?" The rapist pauses, then continues, "I'm a family man, married eighteen years. We all have urges." Baldwin goes "Mm-hmm," impassively. "Eddie says, 'Wanna throw a hump in this girl?' My wife and kids are watching TV. Who would ever guess there would be any excitement? So I went and threw a hump into her." Baldwin's face is a blank mask as he asks, "She seem to enjoy it?" The rapist says, with no apparent irony, "I dunno...she seemed kind of tired. There had been four of them already. What does one more matter?" Baldwin asks him where Eddie lives and the rapist asks if he can go now. RIGHT, they're going to let you go. How fucking stupid can you be -- besides being stupid enough to walk into a gang rape and just JOIN IN while your family is just down the hall? Baldwin says to write down where Eddie lives and what he just said (they're called "confessions" in the biz) and then they'll see if he can go. The rapist, a little sheepish but completely unrepentant, says, "Fifth man in...what the hell." Baldwin just looks at him and echoes, "What the hell."

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