Welcome To New York

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Welcome To New York

Phillip's back in the pokey with Ricky and Sip. The cute little sign is gone. What a surprise. Sip starts in on Phillip: "You know you're not getting out of here. You know you're going to give it up. You're going to give it up so you can hold Blake in your arms, boo hoo hoo, so you can give him love and happiness, boo hoo hoo, and write him letters in prison." Phillip whines a little and says, "I wanna see him." Sip continues breaking Phillip down: "The great running back O.J. Simpson declined counsel, just as you have done...if I had gone in with the great Simpson, the only thing that would have stopped me from getting a confession would be an earthquake!" GO SIP! Phillip breaks a little more and says, "Go on to the beating!" Ricky says, "No one's looking to beat you." Phillip snorts, "That's a crock. You'd love to beat me. It's your version of sex." Sip ignores this and continues talking about O.J. and Nicole and that waiter guy who was "in the wrong place at the wrong time," and then Ricky adds, "Sometimes people's passions get the best of them, Phillip," and then Sip continues his theory on how O.J. went over to his ex-wife's house just to do a little vandalism on her car and Phillip interrupts with, "Which was all I wanted to do! A car the color of which someone shouldn't even have had the taste to conceive of." What's wrong with taupe? Sip continues with, "All that emotion, it just explodes," and Phillip yells, "It EXPLODES! It explodes. I put a hammer two inches into his head. I'm afraid to even hammer a nail."

Ricky lets Phillip into the room where Blake is sitting. Blake looks happy to see Phillip, but Phillip looks sad. Then Blake looks sad, because Phillip looks sad. It dawns on Blake that Phillip probably just confessed to having killed Walter. Blake's face says "No!" Phillip's face says, "Yes." They hug. Ricky looks away.

Anya's looking at mug shots in the coffee room, with Baldwin sitting nearby. Her parents come up to Di and Mom says, "We think it's time for Anya to come home." Dad asks, "How's the case?" and Mom says, AGAIN, "We want Anya to come home." Kirky says that Anya wants to look at more photos. Di says, "What Anya feels is what we're gonna go by." The mom bleats that she wants Anya to come home (heard you the first two times!) and Diane says, "This terrible thing happened to your daughter, and she's doing what she can to get some control back over her life!" The dad asks if Di and Kirky can arrange transportation for Anya, and Kirky says that they'll give her a ride home. Mom sputters, 'This is a fine way to end it." Huh? "We brought her in and now we can't get her out!" Ooh, metaphor! Di goes, "C'mere!" and drags the mom across the room to show Anya to her. Anya's sitting looking at photos with Baldwin. No big deal! "I want to stay, momma," says Anya. Mom says okay and leaves, muttering to Di, "She's all alone...she's all alone with every element." Di snaps, "She's all alone with Detective Jones." Dad says, "See she gets home," and follows his nag of a wife on out of there. Bye! Di and Kirky sigh in disgusted relief.

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