Who Murders Sleep

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Who Murders Sleep

As the line-up guys, including Fanny-Packer, file out, Baldwin freaks out, pointing at Fanny-Packer and yelling "There he is! The one who left my half-brother bleeding to death! With the fanny pack!" Fancy holds Baldwin back as the Fanny-Packer cowers. Finally Baldwin moves away and the Fanny-Packer asks Greg what the hell that was all about: "You said it would be the waitress from The Owl? Did you hear him threatening me? I need an escort!" Fancy says, "Around here we're used to outbursts from grieving relatives." The Fanny-Packer calls Baldwin a "huge black grief-maddened half-brother" and is totally scared: "If he saw me running away with a fanny-pack, it doesn't mean I shot his half-brother." Di and Kirky come in and stage-whisper to John, "Who's that psycho outside? He says he's gonna kill someone we have in custody?" Oh, hi Fanny-Packer. Fanny-Packer totally spills it: "Do you know the term 'bag man'? I am a bag man for my brother. He gave me the fanny pack and the gun to hold and I was supposed to get rid of it. And I'll say that to the judge." Left holding the fanny pack! A situation no one wants to be in.

Ricky and Sip haul in a redheaded older man. Sip sees the coffee room is empty. Oh no! Where's the Geezer? The red-haired guy asks, "Is this going to delay my disposition?" Duh! Sip goes into Fancy's office to fuss: "That old cop shouldn't be wandering around this neighborhood." Fancy says he'll put out a description and try to get him picked up. "Say he's a retired cop and to be respectful and gentle." Aww! I love when Sip has a heart. Then, back to Red: "Now you! Sit down." They take him to the coffee room to grill him. Ricky says, "This is a property problem." Then he tells him about his connection between the house where they found the remains of the girl and her home in Hoboken. Red says, "A bunch of us owned that Houston Street property! Look, my son and I work a lot of places! I don't remember any Low family!" Sip yells, "You remember bricking up any body? Either you're a raping murdering pedophile or your son is and you know it! My partner can look the other way...I'm the excitable type!" Ricky acts like he's going to leave and Sip leans in threateningly until Red cracks: "My son did not rape that girl and he did not kill her!" Ricky jumps in, "You're admitting that you took the body and bricked it up!" Red continues, "He had problems! I had to help him! I brought the body over." Sip screams, "Your son is a murdering pedophile rapist!" Red says, "He did not kill her!" Sip screams, "YEAH HE DID!" Ricky, voice of reason, says, "Write down where we can pick him up." Red, totally pitiful, says, "He's my son." Ricky says, "Don't say another word." The screen fades to black and we hear the sound of writing.

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