Who Murders Sleep

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Who Murders Sleep

Now we get this nice, dialogue-less montage scene of the Geezer standing on the street clutching his boxes, and Sip and Ricky coming up and helping him into a car. Sip actually looks kind and respectful. Stop the presses! Sip has heart!

It's the end of the day. Sip is liberally slapping himself with aftershave. Don't forget the armpits...there you go. Then he gets mad at Ricky for not unburdening himself to Sip: "You go through life close-mouthed!" Ricky tells him about the nightmares (fire in the house, walking down the airplane steps with his sisters) and how he felt that he had to take care of his sisters: "I even got the manual, how to raise a two- and three-year-old when you're six yourself." If this weren't so sad it'd be pretty funny. Sip says Ricky can talk about it and Ricky says, all foreboding, "It's early in the game. I don't wanna wear you out." Sip says, "You can lean on me." Something to look forward to -- a total nervous breakdown from Ricky! Hoo boy.

Over at Paddy O'Furnitures, Di and Ricky are sitting on stools next to each other. Not very romantic. Ricky is grilling Di on her no-drinking policy: "No spirits of any kind? Does this make you uncomfortable?" He waves his beer in her face. No, she's cool, man. Then she says he's the first "friend" she's made since Bobby died. Does she mean the naked kind of friend? "That's precious to me." Ricky's like, you're precious to ME." Then he says he really likes the friends he's made in the squad, and they touch hands for like a second. Then Ricky's burger comes and he says how starving he is and it's like he's "going to the chair," and takes a big old chomp, then salts his burger as Di sits there looking uncomfortable. I take back anything I said about Di and Ricky hooking up. Di, RUN. Ricky has issues.

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