Writing Wrongs

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Writing Wrongs

Back at the station house, Ricky and Sip haul the Looney-Tuner's full shopping cart up the stairs. L-T is carrying a microwave. No, I don't believe this either. Fancy comes out, gets the lowdown, and doesn't even say anything about the shopping cart. Ricky and Sip go into the interrogation room, and L-T begins to talk, prefacing it with, "They were all wearing a lot of metal, and it hates me." Ricky and Sip take off their watches to accommodate L-T. Okaaay. Can I just mention that this is the third episode in which a D.A.R.E. poster is prominently featured behind a Blue cop in the interrogation room? Well it is, and I wouldn't even buy a D.A.R.E. shirt at a thrift store for a nickel, it is that ubiquitous and played. OUT. Stop it, Bochco. I know that's you. So, L-T says two guys were fighting with the dead guy, Jefe, and the one that "made him go down," heh, was Diego. Mauricio was the other one. Sip and Ricky go to find them.

The mother of the dead girl, Alyssa, comes in. She's pretty devastated. She went into her daughters "confidential chest" and brought in all her papers and diaries and stuff. She thought Alyssa was going to be home last night, but had no way of checking because she's a nurse and was railroaded into working the night shift. The mom doesn't know if she was seeing anyone or not. Then she asks if Alyssa was sexually assaulted before she "died." Di says she can't confirm that, but that it is possible. The mom breaks down.

In Fancy's office, Di and Baldwin go over Alyssa's essays, penned for a creative writing class. The essays are all about her flirting with an older guy on the way to school that has raped her more than once. The guy in the story says it's "her fault for flirting." They have enough detailed information to go pick the guy up, and Baldwin says he wants to go talk to the teacher to "see how he can put a grade on these so-called stories." Did I not say that this was like an extremely grisly episode of My So-Called Life? This could be Rayanne if she had had worse luck. Oh, yikes. Medavoy pops his head in to say that Alyssa's two best friends are here with their dads, for questioning.

Sip and Ricky haul in the newest member of Bochco's Ethnic Extra Parade, Mauricio, a Mexican. I'm really glad they established that the Reagan Ville is a hangout for Mexicans, so I can identify him as such, because people's ethnicity is so important when it comes to crimes. Sarcasm alert, whoop whoop! So, the heavily accented Mauricio says he was talking to Jefe about frostbite, and was it that wacko L-T that said he saw Mauricio giving Jefe a beating? Ha ha ha, and SMACK! Ricky whacks Mauricio on the back of the head. Sip asks him to give up Diego. M. says he won't, and that L-T is the "cocky" one, not him, and Ricky SMACKS him again. M. says, "I jus' take eet day to day, main." Because he's Mexican.

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