Writing Wrongs

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Writing Wrongs

So, the two girlfriends of Alyssa come in and are questioned separately from their parents. One girl sunnily says she didn't know what Alyssa was doing, and she had been kind of busy after school for the last month or so, and they extended volleyball, and that Alyssa had had a boyfriend but he moved away, and lots of guys had crushes on her since "she was so pretty." She finishes each statement with "Right? Right?" directed to the quiet girl. At the "she was so pretty" comment, the other, mostly silent girl takes the chattery girl's hand and they exchange meaningful -- or, -less -- looks. Di and Baldwin look at the silent girl really hard, as if by keeping quiet she's keeping something a secret. Uh. Doy. Di gives the quiet girl her card, and says, "If you can think of anything to help us find the guy that killed your best friend..." Real subtle, see?

So, Sip and Ricky decide not to go look for Diego because they don't want to "wear their shoes out looking for a homeless guy," and who comes up but that detective that set up Sip on a date with his niece last season! He tells us he's lost ten pounds. I can't tell. So, after Ricky walks off, Sip sidles up and is all like, remember your niece, and the other guy is like, do I remember my niece? Hee. So Sip is all hemming and hawing and says he has these "urges..." Just kidding. He's ready to date now! Yay! Sip's like, tell her I said hi, and please give her this note which says to check in the box if you like me. The other guy says he has her number, whips out a Palm VI, which Sip calls a "hand pilot." Hee! He taps away, trying to extract the digits, and mutters, "I'll be taking a hammer to this by Easter." Oh, newfangled contraptions are never friends to salty detectives. They just aren't gritty enough.

Fancy Prep School. Di, Medavoy, and Baldwin are questioning Alyssa's teacher, who calls her death "they worst thing they've had to deal with" at the school. Dude, "they"? How about "we," Professor McHeartlessford? He goes on to say that Alyssa's writing was so "detailed" and "visceral" that he was "encouraged," which turned to disturbed only after she completed a hat trick on the I-was-raped-after-school series. He held on to the third story. Dude, gross! He never spoke of his concern because he'd rather cover his ass than stick his neck out and risk being perceived as a child molester or something like that. "It's a modern-day Salem," he says. Too late, Baldwin sussed you out first thing! Get some wood for the fire, y'all. The teacher says Alyssa refused to take the third story back (and she mentioned his name, Chris Manahan, in this one). THEN he asked if she needed to talk about something, and said that "he would put her in touch with someone" -- like, I guess, a SCHOOL COUNSELOR, or something -- and she shook her head and walked away. Di flicks her eyes down to the pages of Alyssa's last work, and Baldwin gets to deliver the Look of Great Moral Outrage. You GO, Baldwin.

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