Writing Wrongs

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Writing Wrongs

After a gritty (gritty!) montage of the street (including a dog), we land inside the station house, and wave up to Sip's desk. With a checked shirt and striped tie, he rolls his eyes, exhales nervously, and picks up the phone. Go go go! DO IT! He dials. We get a shot of John. Cynthia the niece answers, and agrees to go to dinner with Sip that NIGHT. Dude! Sip says he has to check his calendar (Because he's read The Rules. NOT.), covers the phone with his hand, exhales, gets back on, and says he's available. John beams. Okay, so tonight at eight! Sip hangs up, elated, and then makes an "oh, shit" face because of Theo! He needs a sitter and can't ask Katie! He starts calling babysitters, then wheels around. "John, I need to ask you a biiig favor." "Name it," says John. Sip asks for a trim. John's face falls slightly, but he agrees. The sitter Sip calls is like in law school now. Wacky hijinks are so about to ensue, I can just tell.

On the gritty (don't you know) street, Di, Baldwin, and Medavoy cruise up to a hunky guy on a ladder. He's Chris, Alyssa's character rapist. He refuses to come down until Baldwin rattles the ladder. Then he takes off running. Baldwin brings him down, fast. He doesn't want to get in the cop car because the last time he did, he "went away for two years." He raped some "skanky cheese-bag" on Coney Island. Di hates Chris. So do I.

John is trimming Sip's hair in the bathroom. "Ever think of saying the heck with it and taking it all down with clippers?" Sip says no. "So, a date, huh?" Sip glares his owly glare and John says he wasn't listening, but he overheard. Sure, how could he not? Then, John offers to baby-sit Theo! Sip ahems and looks shiftily around the room, saying he "has a few calls out," and that he wants to "give them first crack," and John says he's "just putting it out there, as a friend," and oh my, Sip leaps up, and haircut time is over now, bye!

Sip comes out of the bathroom, patting his hair, and Ricky says nothing came up on Diego, and he wants to hold on to Mauricio and L-T overnight. "It's supposed to be freezing anyway." Ahem. So, Ricky is doing his "saving people" thing again.

Chris is interrogated. He's SO unsympathetic. He talks like the character in Alyssa's story: she flirted; she asked for it. "She came on to me like coffee, hot and strong! I mean, I'm a MAN!" Men, you may hang your heads in shame or exclaim in disgust; those are your options. Chris is so stupid, he totally confesses to statutory rape. Just because you THINK she's eighteen doesn't mean she is, dude. Did you not see the school uniform? But he has a good alibi for her murder last night. He was passed out after an all-night bachelor party. Lucky bastard.

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