Writing Wrongs

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Writing Wrongs

So, Sip asks Ricky to baby-sit. Ricky can't. Sip says, "GAY John asked to baby-sit," and that of course would be ridiculous because Gay John is GAY. Ricky points out the ludicrousness of that. Now I don't have to. Then they start talking about Ricky and Di, and Ricky says he screwed that up because he "was acting like a kid, all clingy." Yup. Sip says Ricky can't let what happened between he and Di make him "not want to be here." Yawn, okay. It's making me not want to be awake.

The new ADA is bummed because Chris, statutory rapist, has an alibi for Alyssa's murder, and that they can't press rape charges because Alyssa is dead. Baldwin goes to kick him, and Di slaps his face, twice. This is the most boring episode ever.

Station house. John hands Sip the phone. His final babysitter cancels. What ever shall he do? John shields his eyes with his hand and does paperwork with the other. Sip takes a little plastic animal (a hippo? I can't tell) and makes it hop across John's lamp to get his attention, then says, "All right John, I'll take you up on it." John is all like, "Really?" like Sip is doing him a favor. John is so nice, man. I wish I were friends with him. John wants to be sure Sip is "comfortable," and Sip says that he is, "and grateful." Aww! But you know he's going to be sweating. They agree John will show up at 7:30.

In walks the mostly silent friend of Alyssa, Joanne. Di pounces. As she leads Joanne into an interrogation room, Sip shakes his magic eight ball, reads the results, and makes a "whoa" face. I wonder if he asked, "Will I get lucky?"

So Joanne plunks herself down and asks Di about promise / secret-keeping etiquette. You're asking a cop, dear. Di says it depends. Joanne says she and Alyssa made a pact to keep each other's secrets "no matter what," but didn't discuss what would happen "if one of us, you know, died." Di says helping your friend is the most important thing. So Joanne says that Alyssa and Professor McHeartlessford had had sex a few times in his car, and then graduated to a motel for some afternoon action. Alyssa had to keep it a secret because it would have been bad "for his job" if people found out. Oh, gross. Di listens, then pats Joanne and tells her she's glad that she came back. So, what's Joanne's secret that Alyssa was keeping? We don't know because the scene ends.

So Ricky is helping L-T move into his cell, and Ricky got him a whole pizza to eat. L-T is pretty happy about this, but nervous about being locked up. Ricky says that he'll tell the guard to keep the door open, and the camera waves down to show L-T putting a toaster oven in front of the open door. He gives Ricky a magnet, then a helmet made from aluminum foil. No, it was just a magnet. Ricky says he'll put it on his fridge. Really? You will? Oh boy! L-T is beside himself, then leaps up to shake Ricky's hand and calls him "one of the good people." Ricky says L-T is too.

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