Writing Wrongs

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Writing Wrongs

Professor McHeartlessford is brought in. He's all like, did you get that Chris guy? You said I needed to look at some photos? Baldwin is like, just one photo, and it's his ID from the motel he checked into with Alyssa. Professor McHeartlessford quickly cops to going there with her, and to being "intimate" with her, but he didn't kill her, oh noo. Di flips, and yells, "You aren't talking to a bunch of fifteen-year-olds NOW." The Prof makes some noise like he wants to talk to a lawyer, and Baldwin scares him into talking with them about it first, because if he gets a lawyer it'll be all over the press in seconds, and when he gets to jail - boom! Pedophiles and child-killers are generally not treated so warmly, I've heard. Di says that they could call this " a crime of passion...use it." The Prof sighs, poses, and begins to speak: "She had her sights set on me...the long looks, following me to my car..." This is exactly the same speech Chris made, but done less crudely. Baldwin asks if the Prof got angry, and the Prof said he "got scared! The phone calls, coming to my house, wanting to talk to my wife! I saw my life unraveling!" What a fucking tool. Di asks, "So you killed her to shut her up?" The Prof says he met her "one last time," and raised his fist to "scare her, to tell her to leave me alone!" and when she screamed, he grabbed her throat and then, he guesses, "blacked out." Medavoy asks if he blacks out a lot, or if that was a one-time thing. The Prof asks what's going to happen to Chris the rapist, and Baldwin says, "Let's worry about what's going to happen to you." Yes, let's, you evil evil man.

Night. It's quiet on the street, but still gritty. We zoom into Sip's apartment. Theo is making cars crash on the living room rug. He's wearing PJs, and Sip emerges in a nice shirt-jacket-and-tie combo and tries to get Theo to put on a robe. Theo refuses sweetly. Then Sip tells Theo that his babysitter works with Daddy, and is Daddy's friend, and wouldn't be baby-sitting if he weren't, and that his babysitter's name is John. Theo asks if John will play "car crash pileup" with him. Sip is all like, listen, what's the rule when I'm not around? Theo says by rote, "Nobody treats me bad," and Sip says, "And if they do?" Theo says, "I tell you. Will John play car crash pileup?" So fucking cute. Ding-dong! Sip says John doesn't seem "like a gearhead somehow." He answers the door, they cautiously exchange hellos, and then John delivers a gift to Theo via Sip, since he's sure Theo knows not to take anything directly from strangers. Sip takes the beautifully wrapped gift bag and holds it until Theo busts out with a few dozen "please please please"s. It's a tow truck! Aww! Theo says "Yesss! Want to play car crash pileup?" If dad's okay. Dad says he's okay. Theo grabs John's hand and drags him into the living room. I'm all misty now.

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