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127 Hours (Part 1 of 127)

Dr. Ben makes it to the surface, and Dad makes a beeline to him to get some news. Ben explains about the collapsed lung, the winch that's still two hours away, and with her air levels dropping, she doesn't have the time. He says they have no choice but to amputate. Dad, as you might imagine, strongly disagrees with this diagnosis. There has to be a better way! Like, maybe, risking that second rockslide in order to lift the rock off of her without the winch? It's not discussed. So, amputation, it is! The music crescendos as they all wait for James Franco to fly in and guide them through this tricky procedure.

After the break, it is officially Air Out Your Sexy Wounded Torso Day at La Clinica Hommina-Hommina, now that Mateo has joined the ranks of the fine-ass wounded. He acts abashed as he explains to Lily how he walked into a rifle trap that he and his family had set up on their farm to ward off capybaras. Lily gives him the bad news that there's no exit wound and they'll have to operate to get the bullet out, but she tries to assure him that he'll be fine.

Out at sea, Dr. Ben and Plastics are assuring Nick that they'll be using tourniquets to slow the blood loss and a nerve-blocker so she won't feel a thing. She will be awake and aware, though, so Mina suggests writing a note on the whiteboard they could show Shannon so she won't be so scared. Nick, however, obviously doesn't do emotion very well -- Mina relates -- so he starts rambling about experts at Walter Reade and Olympians whose prosthetics were judged to be superior to the real thing. "Do you believe this guy?" Plastics mutters to Dr. Ben, who returns with a pious, "People show concern in different ways." Mina ends up scribbling "I'm Here. Dad," on the whiteboard on Nick's behalf, and Dr. Ben takes it down under with him.

Meanwhile, Zee is applying raw bacon strips to Angus's chest in order to draw the larvae out. Larvae: They're Just Like Us! Cole walks in and fumes about Zee using his bacon on loverboy's chest. I have to admit, that would make me angry. Fume away, Otis.

Back underwater, Dr. Ben clamps the tourniquet tight and pulls out a scalpel. It's tough to get a full range of expression on faces with breathing apparatuses in everyone's mouths, but clearly Shannon is freaked and Drs. Ben and Clark are feeling the weight of such a procedure. Clark grabs Shannon's hand as Ben starts cutting, the ribbons of blood floating artfully up towards the surface. Then he pulls out the garroting wire, which understandably panics Shannon even more. Clark pulls out the whiteboard with her dad's message, and Shannon holds it in front of her face, blocking her view of her leg. Well, it's not "her" leg for very much longer. It belongs to the sea now. Like Captain Jack Sparrow or that guy who sang "Brandy, You're a Fine Girl."

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