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127 Hours (Part 1 of 127)

Mina changes Nick's shoulder bandages while he tells her about how Shannon's face lit up when she first saw the coral -- before the rockslide and all -- and how it reminded him of when she was four years old. He gets emotional and starts to lose it, frankly, as he talks about how she deserved better than a dad like him and this was his once chance to make it up to her and how it's gone so horribly wrong. Plastics looks on from outside the room and he's maybe learning a little but about preconceived notions. And parents. And ... himself. Mina, meanwhile, awkward hands out tissues, as she does.

Officer Reyes -- a maybe-corrupt local cop -- shows up and asks Lily about the call she put in about the gunshot victim. Lily totally lies and says she was mistaken -- her patient was a farmer who shot himself setting hunting traps. Reyes asks if she was lying then or lying now, and from offscreen, Dr. Ben jumps in to defend her, saying she was merely mistaken. Reyes shows them both a photo of Mateo and says he attacked a cop and is a wanted man. Ben follows Lily's lead and denies recognizing him. Reyes rather pushily insists on having a walk around the clinic, just to make sure. Lily and Ben exchange "Oh, shit" looks.

Cole happens upon Zee with the news that her middle name is Toledo. He looks proud of himself for a second before admitting he read it on her file. She leads him out to the porch-type-area (sigh) where she tells him she's done. He protests that this is all just because he didn't know her middle name was a city in Spain? "A city in Ohio," she corrects him. Seems her dad was an American just passing through the jungle, and her mom gave her the name so she'd remember not to get caught up in fleeting romance. "She has a dark sense of humor," Zee concedes. Yeah, or something. Zee figures Cole is ultimately just passing through too, and rather than make his case for why he's not that guy, Cole instead asks if "the bacon thief" hadn't come by today ... Zee cuts him off and says they'd still be having this conversation.

Officer Reyes leads Lily and Ben into the large recovery room, where Mateo's bed sits at the far side of the room, portioned off by curtains. Ben thinks quickly and says the patient at the end of the room is a nursing mother, so Lily goes ahead to "tell her to cover up." When she gets to the bed, she finds Mateo has gone, his Spidey sense about local cops having kicked in. Reyes looks at Lily's surprised face and asks where the nursing mother is. Lily says she must've been discharged, and Reyes pointedly says that he's seen enough and huffs out. I SAID GOOD DAY, DOCTOR.

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