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127 Hours (Part 1 of 127)

One last quick commercial break, and then we're back as Plastics is expressing approval that the dressing on Shannon's leg is dry. She's brattily ignoring him via her iPod, and she redoubles those efforts once Plastics starts telling her she's being too hard on her dad. "He's an idiot," she spits, but Plastics says he's merely an accountant, who thinks in terms of monetary value first. It's how he shows he cares. Shannon opines that normal people say they care by saying they care, but Plastics knows better. And then, as is the written law in Shondaland, he decides to loop this situation back to himself. Some people show their love through gifts and vacations, some by running away to the jungle to be a doctor. I'm sorry ... does that make any sense? I argue that it does NOT. But Plastics warning Shannon of the dangers of cutting one's parents off -- as one might cut off, say, a LIMB -- does have the ring of relevance. He says his parents are a million miles away, but her dad is just down the hall. Yeah, but that's in two good legs.

Lily peeks in on Dr. Ben in order to thank him for lying on Mateo's behalf. She starts to make Mateo's case as a good guy, but Ben's heard all the stories before. He wasn't lying for Mateo, he was lying for Lily. Because of looooove or something.

Ben then goes to check on Ryan, who's rocking some oxygen tubes but otherwise looking pretty okay. He tells her he checked the diving charts -- she wasn't deep enough to get the bends. He wants to give her an EKG and a chest x-ray, but she begs off for now. She smirks that he can stay if he wants to sing her a lullaby, otherwise, she's going to sleep. She turns over on her side, and we can see the cheerful attitude is just a front.

Nick is checking out, to leave Shannon to be with her mother, who is on her way. Before he can go, though, Plastics wheels Shannon in, and she's miraculously not a bitch anymore. She uncovers ol' stumpy to show her dad -- to let him share in this with her and be her dad. He apologizes, and she says it's not her fault. She looks at her leg again; "It's really gone, huh?" Nick steps forward, kneels down, and takes her hand. Hanging back, Plastics whispers to Mina that Nick probably should have been the one to come to Shannon, what with him having double the number of working legs. Mina tells him that for Nick, this being here for Shannon and holding her hand, this is huge. Plastics is being too hard, Mina's being too lenient. Let's all just agree that Nick has a terrible haircut, huh?

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