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After the break, Clark stomps in and gives Ben hell for not calling her in after the clinic got robbed. Clearly, he thinks she should still be resting after what he reminds her was the bends with pulmonary hemorrhaging. She gets indignant, though, saying she's bored out of her mind and swam a mile this morning. "I'm back on the clock," she says as she stomps out. "Deal with it." Meanwhile, Plastics has to deal with his drunken brother in Greek-dom. Only he's not drunk, as per Plastics' examination. The dude's buddy is barely finished asking what the problem is, then, when the non-drunk starts seizing. Never a good sign. Plastics moves to ask the nurse to bring something to inject him with until he realizes they're out of meds. What does that mean, in this case? They just have to wait the seizure out.

Clark is out in the waiting area looking for a Felicia Moran. When she finds her waiting with her sister, and she sees it's a young girl with a swollen eye, like a bee stung her. She says it only got this way this morning. Clark, looking quite concerned, says it's not a mosquito bite, like she thinks, but another kind of bite altogether, and she needs to treat it before it gets into her system. Before Clark can explain what that would entail, a man walks up with his bloodied arm hastily bandaged. Clearly an emergency. Clark tells Felicia to wait here and she'll be back to help her, but those girls look anxious to get to school, lest their mother murder them.

Drs. Ben and Cole, plus Zee, Lily, and Mina, all prepare to rush Julio into surgery, while Lynn begs Mina to fix her fix-it man. Mina's like, "Um...we certainly will try." As they wheel Julio out, Ben and Cole argue over their meager anesthesia problem. Ben says they have enough lidocaine to numb him for 30 minutes; Cole says there is absolutely no way they'll be done with the surgery in time, no matter how fast Ben is. Ben's like, "That's really our only option." Julio puts on a brave face, but the nightmarish implications of waking up in the middle of surgery are not lost on him.

Plastics is performing a spinal tap on the now-sleeping Non-Drunk while his pal, Mac Jr., rambles about him not sleeping this well since he had mono freshman year. Charlie comes in with a message for Plastics from Alma's father, who wants to meet him at the cantina tonight. Charlie seriously has no better ways he can be of help than relaying messages from Alma's dad? Shut up, Charlie. He and Mac Jr. chuckle a bit over Plastics having kept the man's daughter out all night, but Plastics has actual work to do, like diagnosing Non-Drunk with viral meningitis. The treatment, as you may have guessed, is a course of anti-viral meds that they now do not have. Mac Jr. says he's trying hard not to freak out, then proceeds to freak out about how, while Non-Drunk is not exactly a model citizen, he can't just die in the jungle. No, a freak beer pong accident is the fate that best fits him. Plastics, calm as can be, tells Mac Jr. not to worry -- he has a treatment plan. As you might expect, as Plastics exits, Charlie asks what said plan would be. Plastics: "Come up with a treatment plan."

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